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14 April 2010

summer of one-oh! ocean series: tabuelen spontaneity!

a friend called on thursday morning saying he wants to go to the beach. i said yes without even knowing the plans. so on sunday morning, there we were, b-boy, harry and i loaded in the car without any concrete plans but just to drive 2 hours north to tabuelan --- a remote town with white sand and blue waters. of course we had to get more friends. so lyndon and his family tagged along.
it was funny because when we got to the small resort of "durhan's," my friends' jaws dropped because of how beautiful the place is and how inexpensive the rooms are (P1700 or $35 for an air-conditioned room with hot water and cable tv...clean too!) they kept saying, "SULIT!" (which means, perfect for the price!) 
cebu north road trip musts (mostly on food!):
  • fill up your tank with gas and have your tires checked
  • buy ice cubes and drinks at a local sari-sari store near the city
  • pass through the new road from mandaue to amara liloan (took us there from north reclamation to liloan in 15 minutes)
  • buy lechon (roasted pig) in kilo in liloan
  • buy kinilaw in liloan (this is raw fish in vinegar, onions, ginger, tomatoes and fresh chili)
  • buy roasted chicken at chooks-to-go! (yummy!)
  • buy tinap-an (fresh smoked fish)
  • buy humongous hanging rice (rice cooked inside coconut leaves) for only P5 each
  • play music and sing along
  • talk about whatever -- even the sights you see on the road!

linen zip-up top - thrifted
faded denim shorts - thrifted
yellow flip-flops - roxy
blue sunnies - thrifted at carbon

Follow vanilla ice cream


I am Khatu said...

beautiful view!

julianne. said...

what amazingly beautiful pictures.
i want to be there on the beach.
you look so stunningly amazing!

dred said...

i've heard great things about this beach in tabuelan. must go there one of these days. your guy friends are so familiar i think they were my bf's teammates when he was still in vonage outbound in etel.

and i'm so thrilled for your vogue feature! yeah what could be better than vogue right? love it!

and you can check my bf's portfolio here:

check it out. he's still working on it though. :)

love your thrifted finds. xx

T said...

wow- how gorgeous!

Unknown said...

The view is breathtaking. I even hear how beautiful Cebu is! Vacation area is mostly what people around me say :) I would love to go to the beach and lounge around!

Love the outfit. So relaxed and comfortable :) Doesn't hurt that they're thrifted. I love bringing things back to life :)

Unknown said...

gorgeous gorgeous! i so want to go to the beach! this beach would be amazing to go to! haha it really makes me want to go to the philippines, i haven't been back since i was 3 and of course i don't remember anything!

guildedsecret. said...

aw! your family photos are priceless. can't wait until i see your update on all of the delicious food you buy... mmmm'mmmm!


Isabeau Jane said...

beaches up north are so uncorrupted.. beautiful pics!

The ViXeN's LaiR

kate maggie said...

What a beautiful family! I love seeing these pictures. you are simply stunning - and your style is effortless and amazing. I love it! You pull everything off perfectly. :)

Victoria Jin said...

I want to go to the sea too! ahh i'm so jealous :) And you look so pretty :)


Aimee said...

beautiful pictures, the beach looks lovely!

Unknown said...

i can't wait to hit the beach soon! do you live near a beach?! :)

Anonymous said...

aaaahh gorgeous sunset!
Gizelle pls enlighten me.. what town comes after tabuelan? or ang town lang before it? my family and i went on a roadtrip up north before but I dont think we passed by here. the place is just lovely!

oh and i love the tinap-anay sa Danao! ;)

btw, when are you meeting Sweet for the ring? i told her i myt go to Ayala this fri and maybe we could meet up :)

Anonymous said...

Great sunglasses!:)

Meg said...

Looks like so much fun!

Jesa said...

Your gorgeous!

following :)

House in Tillford said...

lovely photos
and agree, the unplanned random things can be just as if not more fun that things that are planned and anticipated

Anonymous said...

beautiful place and pretty you :)

Laras Arum said...

beautiful sunset..makes me wanna go there too.. :D

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