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30 April 2011

more afternoons like this please

before heading back home, we spent the night of Easter at Dipolog City as our flight was scheduled on Monday afternoon. we visited the new Dipolog boulevard which was almost 3 kilometers in length and just whiled the afternoon taking photos, watching the sunset and relishing the last hours of breathing fresh air before heading back to our slightly polluted city. we also had dinner there in the form of pork and chicken barbecue and the uber-yummy fresh water crabs in Dipolog. too bad i wasn't able to take photos of the food. i was just too hungry to remember.

it's only been a mere 5 days since i've been back and i'm now longing for more afternoons like these. i don't know, i might be unmotivated to work or am just lazy. i think i'm just lazy..haha!

photo details:

1) the Barlas (my cousin and me) in our matching crocheted beanies. these were not matched intentionally for us but i nabbed the brown one from her when she showed me that she had two beanies in her bag.

2) just a moment of vanity.

3) the extra long boulevard. if we had something like this in Cebu, i'd totally bring over our dogs and just hang out here all the time. it's the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

4) my mom and my dad. we were teasing them for still being so sweet after more than 30 years of marriage. i love them to death.

5) this was supposed to be a candid shot until my cousin and i saw our other cousin trying to take the shot.

striped top with sequined pocket - bangkok find
denim cut-offs -
blue striped ballet flats -
brown crocheted beanie - custom made by my aunt
white sunnies - random

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Unknown said...

This is a dream! The place you're at is beyond gorgeous!

The October Issue said...

seems like you had fun,cute top :)

Melai said...

I wish to have afternoons like those too! You know I'm the youngest at 20 in the family and my siblings are like 10 years older ganyan and they've been living their lives na on the way they want to. But we're not really close to begin with since my parents are workaholic that's why I'm so touched when I see family moments. I'm like, aaaaw. :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Gessyl said...

family moments are cool and heart-warming.:)

Chiara said...

aww. family time :)

haha. yep i love jumpshots!

i miss the Philippines :)

Anonymous said...

Gorrrgeous photos!!!

I miss Cebu!!!

:( :( :(

Hazel☺ said...

awww so nice to have sweet parents, it shows even in the photo :)

Analisa said...

These photos are so gorgeous! I love family time :)

I'm giving away a leopard print kimono cardi on my blog by the way if you're interested!

L.D. said...

Ang cute ng parents mo, G :) Awwww! Gusto ko rin ng ganyang klaseng love story a la Nido 100 years commercial! Or yung dalawang matanda sa New York, I love you

Cellia Elisabeth said...

the place's sooo nice :))

Jen HaHA said...

I Googled Dipolog because I am unfamiliar. The Orchid City? Sounds and looks pretty! I would like to explore more of the Philippines.

I am not acclimated to the weather there so a beanie sounds hot for me. You wear it well! Your parents are too adorable!
Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

fashioneggpplant said...

ooooh, crabs. once i read crabs, i started daydreaming. lovely lovely day :)

michelle_ said...

seems like you had great funnnn giselle !
the scenery is stunningg <3

www.glisters and

Sam said...

I'm craving me some fresh crabs right about now! :)

Btw, I love your hair!

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