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03 May 2011

drunken, foolish and vain: Friendster days

[WARNING: really photo heavy. you can go back if you want. that way i'll be saved from embarrassment too. haha!]

great panic surged everyone on April 26, 2011 when it was reported that Friendster will be deleting all data and users by May 31, 2011. my Facebook friends immediately downloaded the images they had there. some of us were reminiscing the good ol' testimonial feature that they had. i've owned an account since 2003 but i deleted it last year. i can't, however, help but remember the funny, foolish and drunken days that my old Friendster account held. so following Aisa's footsteps, here's a look back at the old Friendster days:

this was at a bar in Ayala (i can't remember the name) and was taken on New Year's Eve. oooh i love this skirt. i wonder where it is now. and oh, the beret is an ode to my old hip-hop days.LOL.

lorymer villareal and me in 2004, styling and coordinating the pageant for the Computer Engineering department. lorymer didn't go to our school then but he was kind enough to help me with the pageant. 

the tres marias. my sisters and i at the resthouse in Daanbantayan that we frequent every summer. this was in 2004.

i told you i was gangsta! LOL. now i can't help but laugh at my humongous rock and corn rows. the corn rows happened on the night before a flag football game and were done by a friend, in their boarding house.

and then i'm all out rock! LOL again. my friends, kim, deanne and i goofing off while waiting for classes. now that i remember it, we were always waiting for classes then. especially when we were almost graduating. 

richard, me, armand and my little sister, aimee. we were waiting for the rest of our friends at Starmart, Banilad (the place to be! LOL) for our Daanbantayan trip.

my old singing days. i wish i learned how to play a guitar so that i can still do gigs. *sigh* (ps. due to being under the sun for most parts of my weekends, i saw dark as beautiful until i realized i could easily get skin cancer.)

so down with jennifer lopez! this vest was thrifted at only PHP 15.00 in our local market. i still have it after 6 years. the shoes? pointed to the pointiest. this pair was my favorite pumps.

my first job after graduating and my first set of friends after of school. incidentally, we all had the same knack for laughing, embarrassing each other and just whiling our lunch making our brains smaller. *korean peace sign*

drunken nights at the back of my friend, Ingrid's pick-up truck. rides at the back are best done when drunk! we were on our way to the beach at 3AM, after hitting a local bar and i can't remember this photo was taken. they say, i peed at the side of a dark street. i didn't believe them until i saw the photo. but nuh-uh, you're not seeing it. LOL.

karen and i on christmas 2006. we were looking for a pair of shorts to give our guy friends and we found this pair!

the day i brought Cooper, our golden retriever, to a game. i HEART you, Cooper!

goofy face time with my nieces! this was on the summer of 2007.

stacey. my first car that i inherited from my dad. my training car. my bump car. i miss you, Stacey. wish i didn't have to sell you.

at my friend's sister's black and white party. as you can see, i've had a knack for polka dots even way back. this was taken on June 2007.

the defensive line waiting for our turn. flag football will always have a place in my heart

aimee and i pretending to frolick in Malapascua in July 2007. our big sister was taking our photos so we pretended to walk and run around. but no, my love for her is not pretend. 

the injured drunkard. this was taken almost a week after my sports accident. i was in denial that my knee injury was serious so i went with my team to Bantayan island and braved the 3-hour land trip and ferry ride, in crutches! when i got back home, i learned i could never play football again --- i tore a ligament on my right knee and it required surgery. :,(

this night was when Harry met Yapi. i don't usually go to office parties but was forced by my friends to because i just shunned Harry a few days back as i was too insensitive to notice he was making a move on me.  one of the nights that i will never, ever regret!

my second Etelecare team. these guys are goofballs and pains in the ass but i loved and coached them to death to be better performers. 

christmas day 2007. i was heart broken, losing hope and drunk (yet again). my friends and i drove to gas station in the north reclamation area, bought a few bottles of beer and goofed off on the street. i remember drunk crying on this night too. *hush*

Vudu party on new year of 2008. this is the last time my sister Aimee and I, together with our friends, attended the open bar new year's party at Vudu. the red dress started my polka-only new years too.

my first time in Boracay on February 2008. i haven't been back yet and i plan to do so this year. is it just me or is the sand in Boracay really annoying? it's sugary fine that no matter how you wash off, they stick to your body until you get back home. it settles into uncomfortable areas too. haha!

the last time my old flag football team, Dark Angels, got together before i officially retired (after my injury) and dived deep into work. one of the best times of my life. 

trues humbly united gather souls. my best friends in the whole world. we have been friends for more than a decade and i'm so lucky to have them. this was taken on September of 2008.

the crazy Vonage retention parties. a retention account is crazy hell but the same effort we put into working hard, the same effort we put in partying. as they say, work hard, party even harder!

my family on the New Year of 2009. one of my last Friendster photos. hello Facebook! 

so there you go. i have tons of photos in my disk drive but i wouldn't want to bore you. it was weird and awesome browing through old photos. i had to delete a few to officially erase the foolishness but one thing i realized from browsing through them is that life should have no regrets. i've always had the Meet Joe Black line as my motto: 'run the risk...if you haven't tried, you haven't live" and i can tell, i have lived!

[NOTE: photos were taken using camera phones, my sister's trusty old canon ixus or armand's old DSLR.]

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deanne said...

Just wondering while looking at your clothes, Pay! :-) Do you plan to have a garage sale when I get back to Cebu? :D Plsss pretty plss! :D

Isabeau Jane said...

ive downloaded mine but ahh nostalgia is going to drown me for sure.. your picture timeline is full of happiness!

Jing Ocay said...

haha.cute photos.maghilak ko mgtan-aw sako photos,G!I was slim years ago.ouch kaayo!

Gessyl said...

aww.. memories! :) super love the photo of you in the car. you look so innocent! lol

Cherie said...

I think I might do a post like this too! I enjoyed the pictures :)

00000 said...

Fun photos! Just like Cherie, parang gusto ko rin gumawa ng ganitong post! :)

Gela said...

everybody's posting old Friendster photos! makes me regret deleting my account a long time ago.

your hair is so gorgeous talaga, Gizelle!!!

everybody's posting old Friendster photos! makes me regret deleting my account a long time ago.

your hair is so gorgeous talaga, Gizelle!!!

boat ride through the sky

roanjean said...

I was also browsing my Friendster photos ug mahurt ko sa kapayat nako dadto hahaha.

These nostalgic Friendster posts may just become a trend in the next 2 months, I think. :)

lyka raagas said...

hahaha wa ko ng expect!! frontseat ra kaayo ko. nice pay! cge ko katawa,, :)

CHARRY said...

nice photos! oh yes goodbye friendster and hello facebook! ;)

elmie said...

you look like you've had so much fun in those photos! it's so nice to look back on happy times and digital photography helps with that a lot. XD

Hazel☺ said...

wow i really read the captions and find the photos fun to look at! :) one thing i notice.. you were such a party girl and living the life all the time :D it's fun to relive the memories noh? will do that nga one of these days (if i can still remember my friendster acct.) hahaha :D


AW YOU'RE SO ADORABLE IN ALL OF THESE PICTURES. Don't you get SOOO nostalgic looking back at old photos? Heck, I'm getting nostalgic looking at YOUR photos.

Sometimes I stalk old photos on Facebook. It's so hilarious/ sad. Aw. Growing up!

And what a fabulous motto. It's so true.

Burning Skies said...

Great photos! I love reminiscing and looking at old photos. I'll surely miss friendster, sayang nalaos na sya haha

Stevia said...

ah... the good old times!

i was sad when I had to sell WJ *my very first car!* as well..

i hope they find a better home :)

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Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

love these! x hivenn p.s enter my giveaway?

Aileen Kim said...

these photos are treasures indeed...and what a fun post!!!

Abbie♥ said...

It was so nice of you to share these photos.:) I love the J-Lo outfit! Hahaha! Oh well, goodbye Friendster. Gotta save my photos, too! :)

cryskay said...

i truly enjoyed looking at your old photos. its always nice to take a trip down memory lane. you have the cutest smile. xx

fashioneggpplant said...

i enjoyed this post so much! you seem like such a cool, fun person, and it's true about the sand in boracay. it's annoying and difficult to wash off especially in those "crevices"! lol

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