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28 April 2011

church dressing in humid weather

for four days in our province of Sindangan, these were the only photos i took that were..uhhh..for the lack of a better term "presentable.." no, i'm not saying i didn't have fun nor that the other photos my relatives and i took were not fun or were ugly. by "presentable", i meant that i was fully dressed and doesn't look like melting. Sindangan is located in Mindanao, which is the southern island group in the Philippines. southern, meaning it's very near the ecuator, which means it's hotter and more humid.

photo details:
1) this what i wore on the first we attended Mass, on Holy Thursday and it is the only outfit i brought that was comfortable in the humid weather. made me regret not bringing more cotton or shift dresses. 

2 - 5) food, food, food. eating fish everyday may be daunting but not if you live just 2 blocks away from the beach and the seafood is fresh everyday. fish and other seafood is softer and creamier in your mouth. so i present to you, grilled tulingan, fish ceviche in coconut milk (kinilaw na isda in coconut milk), the fresh and delicious steamed rock lobster and my uncle's grilled steak blue marlin. YUM!

6) the sole reason that we come back to Sindangan every year --- the carro for the Resurrected Christ. this has been in our family for generations and every year, our responsibility is to dress up the carro to ready it for the re-enactment of His meeting with Mary and to serve breakfast to the church members and the little angels that sing in the re-enactment called, Sugat. 

ps. i helped decorate the carro. my mom did the top parts, i did the bottom ones. what do you think?

printed dress - thrifted | turquoise belt - robinson's dept store, dumaguete | 
multi-colored gladiator flats - khaosan road, bangkok | elephant necklace - carbon find

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Aylin Vedad said...


Hazel☺ said...

cute dress:) and love the food photos:D

Elaine said...

That all looks so delicious!! I love the bright colors in your outfit!

Jing Ocay said...

Omg!the kinilaw Gizelle!my favorite. wala na diris Manila.I can only eat kinilaw when I'm in Mindanao.hehe.
your sandals are pretty,G! :D

Anonymous said...


Happy Easter!!!

We have family in Mindano, I've never been I don't think dad wants me to go to the south?!?! Would that be right?!!?

Valerie said...

lovely dress :)

by S said...

I looooove ur blog and now I'm hungry after this post!


Come to my blog and help me chose the right dress

Anonymous said...

i super love your dress dear! :D

xoxo, ace ♥

Tricia said...

Love the dress!

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