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22 April 2011

back to the provincial life

there's a week in every year that people take to disconnect and go back to the basics. i've taken that break and am currently in our small town of Sindangan, the one place we go back to every summer for the holy week. i haven't been here for 4 years due to work and am very glad to be back. we go back here every holy week to fulfill our obligation as a family to prepare the carro for the 'Sugat' --- the re-enactment of the meeting of Mary and the resurrected Jesus Christ.  

the place is not the same as before, what with our grandma and grandpa gone (may they rest in peace) but the memories still linger. it's not an ideal summer home here, oh not not at all. our house is just the right size, we have no cable tv (no TV at all), we only have old songs played over and over (think, frank sinatra and elton john), we all sleep in the big room with our beds on the floor and this is the first summer i've brought internet over. despite the lack of modern technology and activities that are supposedly 'productive', we are definitely satisfied by simply sitting down in the living room after meals and just talking and joking with each other. 

try it. disconnect, sit down with family and just talk. you'll find more connection than expected. 

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Anonymous said...

I hope you have a happy Easter darling!!!

titaz said...

Where is Sindangan?

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