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10 March 2013

what we take for granted could surprise us

it's funny and sad how by looking ahead, we take for granted what we have near us. it took a visit from one of my sister's classmates in Uni in Sydney for us to get the chance to explore the city and re-learn our history. it was an afternoon city tour, visiting local tourist spots like the Heritage site, Metropolitan Cathedral, Magellan's Cross, Sto. NiƱo and Taoist Temple. these sites were the usual spots we visited back when we had elementary field trips but it's been awhile since we've been here and actually absorbed the history. 

Aqui, her husband, Manij and her mom visited my sister, Aimee last January. although Aqui is from Pangasinan, another province in the Philippines, it was her first time here in Cebu. they met in school and became fast friends. for the people who took my sister in and took care of her while she's miles away from her family, we made sure their first trip to our city was worthwhile, no matter how short it was. 

white button-down - props | denim cut-offs - tommy hilfiger | tan fringed leather bag - urban originals | turquoise flats - solemate, sm dept store | braided tan belt - props | black wide-brimmed hat - cotton on | geometric earrings - | rings and bracelets - combined braids and bonds, downtown finds and gifts

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Farah said...

how sweet of you :) you and your sister are such beauties <3


anythingariel said...

naniguwang nalang kos cebu wa pako ka visit og taoist temple. haha. wanna goo there!! :)

love your outfit btw ;)

The Mommy Roves said...

Ive been to this place in Cebu but I didn't have this wonderful photos like this. Cute nyo :D

Unknown said...

Looking stylish as ever gizelle!

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