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07 March 2013

breakfast road trip

one of the things Harry and i promised to do this year was take on more adventures and travel more. we didn't get to do as much last year or even in the later part of 2011 because we were dead serious in saving money for our wedding. we decided that 2013 will be the year for adventures, even if it's just an out-of-the blue road trip to south reclamation area to visit the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod. we drove there really early in the morning and by early, we meant the sun-was-still-rising early. it was refreshing to be up when every one else were still sleeping and having the road to ourselves. it felt infinite, like everything was alright in the world. 

the place was still closed though, which we didn't consider when we left home. so we just strolled around the place and reveled in the amazing structure which is said to be made of a hundred walls. the walls created these beautiful shadows at different angles, it was also a little eerie. after saying a quick prayer, we headed back to the city to have breakfast and start the week right. 

lace boho top - thrifted | pale lilac jersey maxi skirt - props | double braided belt - props | grey cotton flats - solemate, gifted by sister | black studded chain backpack - thrifted | coin necklace - pink pvssy bangkok | claw cuff bracelet - borrowed from mom | rings: wasp - downtown find, owl - gifted by a friend, gecko - pink pvssy bangkok, butterfly - accessorize, gifted by a friend

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Unknown said...

ah, sayoha ngblog oi (lol i just woke up haha)! ma, i love this outfit. if you're bored with that lace top...haha. anyway i realized nga i can never pull off long skirts jud. always wonder how you did it.

good for you and harry to be doing a lot of well deserved travelling!


Sweet said...

It is definitely a must place jud... taga talisay raman unta ko ngano wala man ko ka ari pa hahahaha but probably after I visit the lady of Simala...

miss you babe... lets travel soon together nya with the group...


Carissa Clark said...

Aww so lovely, hope you had a wonderful little trip!

Farah said...

i love, love, love your blog and fashion sense!!!! the bag looks divine :)


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