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01 March 2013

hale manna part 2: afternoon bliss

since we arrived at the beach past 2PM, the water has receded by the time we got settled in our room. actually, our detached bungalow which housed 8 beds was a dream so we found ourselves rolling in our beds, eating and just having fun --- we almost forgot we were at the beach, so it took us more than an hour to get settled. what a waste of a beach right? well, it's our vacation and we call the shots. 

so we stepped out and just spent the rest of the afternoon lounging by the beach, waiting for the sunset. my sisters, my mom, dad, cousin and I stuffed ourselves in the cabana and played that app game with the icons. i think Harry even dozed off in one of the hammocks and my brother-in-law Warren still couldn't disconnect himself from his Mac. an afternoon by the beach, in our own version of afternoon bliss. 

polka dot ruffled maillot - cotton on | white denim cut-offs - thrifted | black wide-brimmed hat - cotton on, rubi shoes | oversized sunnies - urban outfitters, gifted by sister | bangles and bracelets - downtown finds 

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anythingariel said...

family bonding! so sweet :) c aimee ng nag stripe og top?

btw, i love your outfit esp your sunnies! :)

roanjean said...

Kasexy oi! Haha

We're going to Moalboal at the end of this month and I'm considering Hale Manna kay murag Zen kaayo ang place hehe. Hope you could post more pics of the place. :P

Unknown said...

love your tatto *,*

Super Shaznae said...

Nice imo tattoo.. =) Infairness, nice kaayo tan.awn imo ombre hair..


A N A G O N said...

I love this! Can't wait to go back to the beach!
Bet ko the polkadots swimsuit!!!!<3

Borjana said...

Ohh I'm sooo glad I came across your blog babe,looks great!

Unknown said...

followed you giselle :D

Unknown said...

followed you giselle :D

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