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09 February 2011

the upside and the downside of things

i won't assume that i have followers who read my every post (if you do, thank you so much!) but if you've noticed, i haven't been updating as regularly as i used to. that's one of the downsides i've been experiencing the first few months of 2011. work has taken too much of my time that the sun has gone down before i remember that i have to take outfit photos. the upside is that work has been hectic lately because of our new clients and of bigger projects we'll be embarking on in the next few months. other downsides and upsides:

downside vs upside

i miss my sister so much even how she annoys me
i am definitely loving having the room completely to myself

i have to get my car muffler fixed because it's roaring like a race car-wannabe
at least i don't have to suffer the taxi fare hike

i have to cut back on expenses --- so i can't buy new shoes anymore..gaaaah!
i don't have to suffer the night shift and can work during the day

it's been said that we can have everything we want in life, just not always at the same time. so instead of fretting over the downsides, think of the upside and be thankful for it. as long as we have the patience and perseverance to wait to be blessed with everything we want, being thankful for the good things, even the small ones, can't hurt. 

so regarding my outfit posts, if i can't have time to take photos during the day, please bear with the ones indoor that i take in my room right when i get home form work. the lighting may be different in each shot (perfect example: the photos above) but i'm doing my very best. 

black lace-detailed top - thrifted
black and white electri-pleated skirt - thrifted
black lace-up cuban heels - parisian, sm dept store
studded belt - pratunam, bangkok
necklace: elephant tusk - bangkok | watch necklace - hongkong
oversized charm bracelet - carbon find
rocking horse ring - carbon find
orange howlite ring - dane's giveaway

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Aylin Vedad said...

i am your avid reader! :) I love the way you dressed up. :)

julianne. said...

you look stunning.
and holy amazing accessories.<3

Anonymous said...

I read every post!!! You look gorgeous I'm sure you will be able to buy new shoes soon... sometimes we have to make hard financial decisions... booooo :( :( :(

Aileen Kim said...

no worries...indoor, outdoor matter..we just love seeing your outfit posts and reading the inspirational words you often share. Best of luck on your new projects!

Pinch of thoughts said...

i'm a regular reader Gizelle hehh, love all those bling blings!

Claire said...

I read every single entry you post. I really really love how you accessorize! :)

ninasayshello said...

I love your top and your accessories too! :)

Cherie said...

i love what you said about having everything we want, but not just at the same time. as usual, im very jealous of your accessories!

xo, cherie
Parade of Dresses

dred said...

yeah, it's always better to view life as half full rather than half empty.

i love your lave top gizelle.:)

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

I'm glad you still look at the positive side even though you have adjustments to do :)

I love your outfit!:) Makes me wanna borrow it for tonight!

michelle_ said...

im a biggg lacee lover !
i love the details on the neckline part so much !

cute nail art too by the way :D

Abbie♥ said...

Inspiring words, Gizelle. I totally agree with you. :) Cheers to a very positive year!♥

L.D. said...

Hello my thick-lipped sister!!! Bakit hindi nag-chachap ang lips mo?? I hate wearing lipstick because my lips are always chapped, as in puro lines and stuff it looks like a dry dessert or somethang

And about upsides and downsides... I agree. You should only look at the positive side of things. :)

Laras Arum said...

love your lace detailed top and awesome accessories!!

Cylia said...

haha.. and superhero it is!:) I like getting dressed up. you look so cute. I love:)

stylefrontier said...

such a lovely post :)
and your accesories are all great!


Psyche said...

Dearie, the pictures were taken in bogo. :) the italian restaurant is right across their public plaza but this restaurant was expensive. we ate the pastas at a small restaurant at the pier -- made by an Italian who once worked as chef in La Tegola.

I love your indoor pictures just the same. And now I envy your hair. It's so luscious.

Jen HaHA said...

I hope your getting some rest! It seems like this year has been so busy for everyone and we're already in February!

I love the delicate, feminine detail of the top of your outfit then the contrast of big hardware jewelry and a gromitted belt.Bam, bam, pow! Oh, and lest we forget the shoes. Rock n' roll!

Come link up on Friday! Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Haha! The word verification is "chiken".

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