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04 February 2011

reality bites

...and so does the sun when it suddenly shows up bringing in warm air after i've bundled myself in a cardigan when i woke up cold this morning. the economy or gas prices are more predictable than the weather we're having these past few weeks. after almost 3 weeks of really cold air, it was such a shock to be breathing and feeling warmer air especially in an outdoor meeting with a german and korean client and you see them sweating profusely. LOL.

anyway, speaking of reality, i am now finding myself being forced to scrimp and let go of my holiday-super-spending days after having computed my finances and finding out i might not be able to afford my way living if i continue to spend like how i am spending. bigger plans are in store for me this year and they definitely need money. i want to say f*ck money but hey, we need it to survive whether we like or not. money simply doesn't grow on trees. switching to a day job caused my salary to get cut in half but i can't complain because i've been a lot happier and at peace with myself since i moved. so no more new pairs of shoes or even thrifting escapades until june for me. i just hope i can manage this. wish me luck!

striped tee - platinum mall, bangkok
blue striped oversized cardigan - thrifted
skinny jeans - chillypapa
black studded flats - mongkok, hongkong
red studded belt - pratunam, bangkok
layered chain necklace - carbon find
silver bangles - forever 21 from sweet + carbon finds
rings + brown sunnies - carbon finds 

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Psyche said...

you can manage it.. and you will still look fabulous without the new pairs of shoes or thrifted clothes. :)

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

The economy is indeed hard now. I can't believe the gas is php 40! Last year it was just 30+..shocking. So far the weather here is still quite cool at night :) Loving your cardigan!

ninasayshello said...

all you need is will power and everything will fall into place! :)

Anonymous said...

I love love loooooooooooove that cardigan!!

Have a good weekend lady!!

Melai said...

I'm computing my day-to-day expenses as well and I realized I'm spending more than what I earn so I'm really trying soooo hard to cut my expenses talagaaaa!

Melai of Style and Soul

Gessyl said...

i too was spending way beyond my means. so i listed down all the doodads per month and allocated a fixed amount for it. I can only spend ____ for online shopping, real shopping and thrifting combined! Soooo hard but then I never run out of money. I still have extra for impromptu dinner and gimiks and my personal savings is intact too.

Aileen Kim said...

money has always been the source of all evil...and yet ironically also the means to simple bliss.*sigh! I applaud you for such an effort. No overspending til the month of June is no piece of cake of course. But am sure you have it in you to see this through!!! Goodluck and when you feel the urge to spend, just think of the bills yet to be paid, and the amount you want to keep intact in the bank!!!

Lisa said...

Good luck! It will be hard but it's totally doable :) I've had to put myself on a spending freeze before, and I think it actually helps you be more creative with what you already own!

A Fictional Blog

vdcouture said...

effortlessly chic <3


Jing Ocay said...

Hi G!saving is so difficult for me.thrift shopping is not totally a solution.thinking that it's just ukay,I ended up buying many short wa japon ko kasave.hay.*dili na lng ko mukaon para maksave.haha*

your cardigan is love dai.

p.s. it's just the angle G.haha.or ambot kung nipayat ko basta I the lessen the rice na.mgpakilo sako.haha.

Cylia said...

loving your lipstick colour.. it really fits you:) and your glasses.. classic:) a musthave for spring/summer.

julianne. said...

you look freeking amazing.
i just love the color of your hair.<3

Niviarsiaq said...

the red belt is such a cute touch! I'm in such a sweater mood right now too- yours is perfect. love the faded striped look!

ninasayshello said...

in reply to your comment:

I know!! That place can be both good and bad for my health. Needless to say bad for my wallet! haha But every penny was worth it! :)

dotie said...

I'm trying to cut back as well, so far it hasn't gone as planned..yikes!
goodluck with your shopping diet :)

eclectic du jour

dred said...

i always have that resolution like everyday but i'm just so stubborn to follow. everytime i pass by thrift shops, there's always that force luring me in. hahaha

so the best of luck to you gizelle! hehehe

LadyNansei said...

I definately wish you luck, I buy a tonne things (mainly books and video games - oh, and candy) every week and I know what you mean, it's hard not to. Especially when you look at money and just think 'weird, how can this little slip of paper do so much?'

The weather is pretty much doing the same thing hear except the opposite: it'll be really hot and then suddenly go cold and everyone would be shivering wishing they bought their jackets.
Personally I like the cold, so I dont mind :) :)

fashioneggpplant said...

you look so chic! nevermind not spending so much, im sure you'll be able to mix things up in your closet. i have to stop spending so much too. my bank account is suffering a lot!

yOka said...

Love your cardi!

Sweet said...

oh Giselle I am so excited for your trip the photos...and the blue cardigan...and the rings...

let's go shopping darling!!!


L.D. said...

With the clothes you have, G, I think you can manage to dress up the whole year without having to repeat a whole ensemble! Challenge yan! Go!

By the way... YOU ARE WEARING FLATS!! Haha! Minsan lang kita makitang mag-flats :) Love the red and the blue together. :3

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