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15 February 2011

love the ninty percent ♥ ♥ ♥

it's been said that one of the reasons people cheat is because they continue to search for the 10% that they can't find with their partners. for a girl, her boyfriend may be the patient and understanding guy that she was looking for but he may be more unromantic than a rock and she continues to long to be swept from her feet. for a guy, his girlfriend may be the pretty and smart girl he's always wanted but continues to wish she can cook like his mom. i have to admit, Harry is the understanding, patient, musically-inclined, food enthusiast, sarcastic, humorous, smart and caring guy that i have hoped for but he's not athletic -- never plays a sport to save his life, not as adventurous as i hoped he'd be and he doesn't have those six-pack abs that every girl longs for. Harry only retains information that he likes to retain so he may not always remember what kind of perfume i wear or that i've kept anti-bacterial soap by my sink for years now (yes, he asked my this morning why i don't keep one, even when i've only used this natural floral soap my friend gave me for only a month) or that he doesn't remember to shift to 1st gear first before releasing the hand brake. 

despite the 10% that Harry doesn't possess from my list, he completes me in inexplicable ways. they say God doesn't really give us the perfect guy from our list but the guy who complements us, keeps us grounded when our arrogance or confidence has us off the earth, loves us despite the bitchy days pre-menstruation, puts up with our nagging and just keeps us safe in any way possible. it's not only fate that keeps a relationship working, hard work needs to be put into it too. so for those ladies who are in a relationship like me, don't allow the scale to tip over to the mere 10% that our guys lack. love the 90%..and love it with all your heart. for those single ladies, be patient. yes, there's no stopping you from making that list of the perfect guy for you but be smart enough to determine the traits that matter. love yourself first and allow yourself to grow. pretty soon, that guy who is not just anyone perfect but the one perfect for you will come along. trust me, i was single for 5 years before i met harry. i allowed myself to grow up and learned to love myself before i could love someone else. ♥

happy heart's day everyone! ♥

tie-dyed boho top - thrifted
beige suede lace-up wedges - gold dot
elephant necklace - carbon find
diamond-shaped pattern necklace - gifted from ivy
elephant tusk necklace - bangkok elephant ride
brass bangles - carbon finds
pink rhinestone bangles - gifted from india
rings: burnt orange stone | cobra | skull | mini-armor ring - carbon finds

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Unknown said...

I love your post! Happy Valentines Day to you and Harry! :)

Anonymous said...

Gizelle! i know you've been telling me to love myself more and to get out of the i-dont-know-what-to-call-it relationship while i still can, but im back to where i was last december. my bff calls me suicidal but i guess i just cannot ignore the 90%, well okay 80%, good side i see in him. i guess somehow we never run out of second chances.

OKAY. im spilling out my heart here now.

I went to carbon this afternoon btw and found the cutest little shop! i dont know if that's the shop u usually go to but they have the cutest accessories too! but i still covet all your carbon finds!

happy hearts day, gizelle! this post is just the sweetest!ü

Unknown said...

I loved this post.. so humbling and very sweet :) It's true that no one's perfect and having a person that fits you in every way possible is the greatest gift of love :) I hope you have a fantastic Vday as well :)

Isabeau Jane said...

i love the blushy2 outfit! i do agree with you that love comes when youre whole just by yourself. cheezy much! lucky guy!

Aileen Kim said...

the sweetest post. From the perfect boho outfit to the perfectly written words. It's those little imperfections that make them all the more loveable. Happy Vday to you and your love!

ching said...

awww thanks for sharing.. i can see the intimacy and sweetness in this. very nice.

cryskay said...

i am in love with the print of that dress. xo

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that dress!! You look so cute, happy valentines day lovely girl!! ♥

Sweet said...

well said Gizelle...aww the pinkish and ultra girly outfit fits the occasion...

few more days...let us rock bangkok hahahah!!!


L.D. said...

This is such an amazing post, G :) I agree with all that you've said. Embrace and love the 90%! Kakakilig!!! :)

By the way, I LOVE YOUR PINK ETHNIC TOP! So summery! Pretty shade of lipstick, too! :)

dred said...

you said it pefectly gizelle.i'm guilty of this sometimes. and yes, love is a commitment so one has to accept her partner's perfections and flaws.

loving this post! and your tie dye dress too. :)

belated happy hearts day! :)

Jing Ocay said...

I agree!treasure the 90%.naigo ko ani na post G kay usahay daghan koy complaints kay bf.hehe.
this is one of my favorite dresses of yours gurl!so you.

michelle_ said...

i wish i had some sort of pink/red outfit on my blog ! that boho top is really beautiful ! the patterns are pretty :)

happy belated valentines to you giselle !

Meream said...

Well-said! Err...written :)

ShopGirlXOXO said...

love it. Happy Late Valentine's Day. :)

Cherie said...

i love your reflection on love. i remember a saying once that you must accept everything your partner has, be it perfection or imperfection. love the boho top!

Anonymous said...

wow you're so boho and i love it..
could you give me those bangles? :)

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