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23 May 2007

what ipay wants

they say you will never learn to be happy until you know what you want. so we took a week to at least list down a few things that we want -- specifically what we want in a guy. to be honest, i didn't really find the use for creating a list. we were enough of snobs to now have a list. but nevertheless, i still wrote some stuff down. just so maybe i may discover something about myself that could miraculously change me. haha, wishful thinking!

in a guy...
i want a guy with a good sense of humor..someone who can make me smile..he can be sarcastic but not to the point of annoyance..he can be long as i'm laughing..

i'd want him to be someone who can take control of almost all situations..and if not, be courageous enough to admit that he needs help..someone who's responsible..i'd want someone i can feel safe with..someone who can tell me what's wrong with me..or at least say what i'm doing wrong..

i want a guy who's up for anything..or someone who can push me to do things i never thought i'd bunjee jumping or eating an orange..hehe. i'd want someone i can take anywhere with..who's up for spur of the moment (road) trips..i'd want surprises..he doesn't have to be totally romantic..just thoughtful..he doesn't have to buy me expensive stuff..i'd want someone who loves the beach as much as i do..who doesn't mind getting burned by the sun..and getting frizzy hair because of the salt water..someone who would lie under the stars with me and just talk about anything..

i'd appreciate it if the guy loves music..even if we don't like the same kind, at least there should be something we can sing about..he doesn't have to play any instruments although that would be cool would be a plus if he has a sport..but i certainly won't complain if he doesn't.. the guy has to love food..i mean, what guy doesn't? it would be even better if he knew how to cook..

i'd want us to be able to talk about everything..we don't have to agree on everything..i'd want someone who'd be willing to fight with me..and fight for us..even if it would let us stay on the phone until the wee hours of morning..

i want a guy who's willing to sacrifice some things in his life not just for me, but for us..because i always tend to put the guy's happiness first..i would at least like to feel that they're putting me first one way or another..

... so far that's it.. but yeah, i have to face it..i need to scrap the list and be more open minded. a list of what i want in a guy will not help me be happy. for all we know, i'm meant for someone who's the total opposite. i have to have a bigger picture of what i want for my life. and with that, i am ever clueless.

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