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09 May 2007

trying to hold on the past

i don't know why ever since he left, i've been trying to hold on to the past. i was led to believe that maybe i can go after him there. crazy. it went on for about a couple of months but good thing i managed to move on and relieve myself of the shock that we no longer belong to the same island.

checked his friendster and found out he's in a relationship. what can i do? i couldn't even keep him while he was here, how much more that he's miles away from me. but it's weird how i still get to think of him everyday. even with the littlest things. it's not those tingly memories. just random things that relate to him. and for all we know, i don't really know the guy anymore. it's been years since we broke up.

maybe i try to hold to the past to keep me sane. to remind me that i did have something special with someone. that i was once not alone. i'm sure this is unhealthy. but what else can i do with the memories but hold on to them.

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