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10 May 2007

bury them in one casket

or at least one crate...haha! that's what my younger sis said about guys who can't commit. it seems they have all the reasons these days. back in high school, guys couldn't wait to get girlfriends. but no, after reaching the 20's, several reasons pop out of nowhere -- "i don't want to get hurt again..", "i can't live up to your expectations..", "i'm not ready to be monogamous", "i don't want to hurt you..", and the most commonly used, "you deserve someone better.." the most overused line. that someone better could be him if he tried. and maybe i don't need someone better. maybe i just need him. all these lines all boil down to one point, they're all wimps who are afraid to take the leap because they've already set themselves up for disappointment. it's not that they are not ready at all. they can be ready but it's just not with me. so bury them in one casket or at least, just stay at home. don't come near me. don't flirt with me. don't smile. don't make me fall for your humor. don't kiss me. stay away unless you're sure you're ready.

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