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20 February 2013

in keeping with old superstitions

as with all other new years in the past 5 years (here, here and here), i make sure to wear polka dots to greet it. not only am i a fan of polka dots and that these have a gravitational pull to me whenever i see them but old superstition say that wearing polka dots bring luck in money. it never hurts to believe in a little bit of superstition, don't you think?

this new year was spent with my sisters and unlike last year, we didn't end up barefoot and crawling. we found ourselves still overly sober at 7:00 AM that we had to drop by a 7-eleven on the way home to grab a few bottles of beer for a night cap. nevertheless, as long it's spent with my sister and our husbands of course, it was still worth the while. ♥

black and white vintage polka dress - thrifted | oxblood red vest - eden's closet | strappy boots - denise's closet | stone necklace - | gold chain necklace - mom's | fringe leather bag - | bracelets and bangle - downtown and bangkok finds | oversized black ring - forever 21, gifted by sweet | spiked connector ring - downtown find | black watch - gifted by sister

the second reason why we celebrate the holidays - HAM!
oh mr. Jack Daniels, you look so good but doesn't make me feel good. 
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Nadin said...

That ring is awesome!=)

Mandy said...

you look great!

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Unknown said...

ma... if di na ka aning boots... hahaha call me!:)

and for that, slim legs kaayo oi! lavett!

miss you ma!


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