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25 January 2011

a solace from insecurities

as i was editing these photos today, i realized that my lips are extra pouty in them. upon closer look, they turn out to be my natural pout which is funny because i remember being so insecure about them as a child. when i was just a kid, my mom would sometimes scold me and tell me to purse my lips because i've pouted them too much. then this realization led me to another one --- that as a kid, i've had way to many insecurities about myself and i can't believe i have overcome them.

it wasn't until high school that i full embraced my curls. i used to comb them really hard in elementary and pretend i had straight hair like the girls in movies. it wasn't until second year high school when i stopped combing them, just shook them off after applying hair lotion and allowed them to air dry.

it also used to take me a while to try on a trend because the consciousness with my body preceded my courage to try them out. it took me months to try on the skinny jeans, the ankle booties or the wedges because i was so conscious of my rounder, more muscular legs. now, i can't part with them.

apart from growing up and making fashion mistakes along the way while learning from them, this blog, more importantly has taught me to love myself more. to try out new things, new looks and to think outside the box when it comes to styling.  if you're reading this and you're a style blogger, what have you learned from blogging about your style? if you're not a style blogger, what kind of blog do you maintain and what have you learned from it? i'm looking forward to your answers.

ps. thank you all so much for giving me amazing, romantic and even naughty suggestions for way harry and i can celebrate our 36th month together. find out how we did celebrate it, on my friday post! 

oversized polo - thrifted
white tank top - thrifted
skinny jeans - chilly papa
eggshell mesh cuban-heeled booties - parisian, sm dept store
studded belt - pratunam, bangkok
brass cuffs - carbon find
faux gold necklace - carbon find
brown sunnies - carbon find

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Sweet said...

I totally have an answer to this one...I will make a post and tag you hahahhaha!!! I will make sure to put an outfit post too...I've been sick lately and I need a beauty or shopping fix ASAP whahahah....

you look great on your pants Gizelle and those pouting lips are the IN comes naturally my dear...


Eunice said...

I too will make a blog post and tag you into it. This is really amazing. :) And oh, the pouty lips, few have that, so you are really lucky. :))

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

I love your natural curls and pout :) It's the things we feel insecure about ourselves sometimes are the nice things we realize when we grow up :) I like your style, gizelle!

Blicious said...

love these pics!


Anonymous said...

hahahahaa they don't look extra pouty!!! Love the shirt, I have a silk jacket thingy that's like that you've inspired me to pull it out of my wardrobe.

Jing Ocay said...

I can totally relate to this,G.insecurity thingees? my younger years,my problem was having a big butt and "namukol" kog sayu dai.i really felt bad about it esp. when my sisters teased me for having boobs at early age.and I used to rub my butt sa chairs kay para mugamay ba.haha.when I remmbr those,makatawa na lng ko.

I wish I have pouty lips like you and Angelina.char!it's a gift G!and I've always love your a fan.mwah:D

Cherie said...

your pouty lips and curls are totally gorgeous! and i can relate with being self conscious about trends. I used to bother myself with wearing tight tops because i don't like being buxom.

Gela said...

a lot of girls would kill for your naturally pouty lips & wild curls!

in my case, blogging used to bring me more insecurities, because i keep comparing myself to other people. but later on, it helped me become more self-aware, & i turned things around by counting blessings instead of mistakes or faults. and until now, i think that's helping me be ok w/ myself!

boat ride through the sky

dred said...

i used to hate having darker skin than the rest of my class way back in high school. i used to slack on swimming practices during day time just to avoid the sun. but now, i've known better. and those whitening creams? they don't get a dime from me now. haha

i would die to have curls and pout like yours!

p.s. hey, i've posted the pics with our meet-up with aisa. sorry for being a month delayed! :(

Jen HaHA said...

Women pay big $$ for full lips. You've got it, flaunt it! Wow, as I read on I saw that we have similar insecurities! Curly hair. Check. Curvier legs. Check. But I think you have a cute figure! Love the skin you're in, right? My taste in fashion/style isn't necessarily delivered through my dress. I love vintage (40s/50s/60s), but I don't have any I fit. I like to dress quirkily, but I also get influenced by trends I see. I'm all over the board . . . but I don't do skinny jeans.

Come join/link to the Fashion Blog Flash Mob on Thursday. Umbrellas!

Reg Rodriguez said...

first and foremost, I LOVE YOUR SHOES!!!!! :) okay now that's done, well, i guess starting a blog helped me put myself more out there. like you, it made me think outside the box. it took me a while before i started posting in my blog coz i was nahihiya what others would think but now, i guess i'm more confident coz of it. :) but i do get self-conscious still but lesser na coz of blogging and the feedback from other bloggers. it's funny, i was gonna blog about being self-conscious too :)) looking forward to your friday post!:)


Vera said...

you are beautiful,
i'm glad you overcame your insecurities and all. :)

Nells said...

wow!nice blog!i am following!
check mine out and follow back if u like!
it seems to b warm over there!

Aileen Kim said...

you're the living proof that fashion isn't just for reed-thin women. Your exquisitely beautiful face and infecting confidence are truly what makes you unique and attractive. Cheers to you!

btw, thanks for that wonderful suggestion you left on my blog. I hope Meream's up to it cuz it sounds a dang fine idea!

what i learn from blogging? Hmm, that dreaming does not come with an expiration date and as long as we put all our heart into something we're passionate about...we'd be invincible!

Aileen Kim of The House of Isla

Anonymous said...

hi giselle.. your lips is oke.. it's increase a sexy point on you. i know that everybody always have weakness in every part of their body. like me? my forehead is so heavy, i'm sort, and etc.. but it's ok darling. everybody feel the same. and my point of view of you, you have great confidence. i like you. and you look so gorgeous.. <-- it's honest!


L.D. said...

I love how interactive your blog is, G!

I have lots of insecurities until now. But like you, I am trying to overcome it one by one by appreciating my body more. I don't know, I have issues with myself. Baka I suffer from a very mild BDD (body dysmorphic disorder) lolz

But seriously though, G, your pout is insanely cute! A lot of womoen (dieee with envy Gretchen Barreto!) would dieeee to have those lipzzz. Also, your curly hair, I told you when we met I WANT THEM CURLY HAIR!

~ang nobela ng aking comment pasensya~

I am debating with myself whether I am a style blogger or not because I seriously can't categorize myself as one BUT I am trying to experiment more with the things I can wear! And you are one of my inspirations!

PEOPLE, IT'S OKAY TO DRESS UP! You know naman our country, medyo conservative or not used to people dressing up on ordinary days. Those are the things I have to battle with. Ultimately, we should please ourselves and NOT other people. Working on that statement to be my mantra everyday :D

michelle_ said...

i love this slightly tomboy look of yoursss !
the belt is awesome :)

RE : yes it does last for 8hrs :) good for travelling moments :)

M said...

great shoot! great location!
LOve your blog and your style!
thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog! I am following YOU NOW!
you're very talented! xo


fashion provocateur said...

you always have the best shoes!! im glad i finally had the chance to comment.!! you look amazing..

and the shoes.. again simply perfect with the outfit..
great post :)

Heart Charlie said...

Oh boy, I LOVE this outfit!!!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like your white shoes

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