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12 January 2011

get your boy to buy you a pair of shoes

first of all, thanks for the sympathy with my last post. your responses surely made me laugh, what with some of you raising both hands and some even their feet. it comforts me to know that so many of you can relate to me. 

in continuation with the previous post, i'd like to believe that the best way to recover from the disorder is to form a support system from family and friends. as my i've outgrown asking stuff from my parents and the only way i can get stuff from my sisters is when christmas comes around, my best bet is my boyfriend. 

as you may have noticed in some of my outfit details, a few of my shoes are gifted from Harry. gifted, yes but not really his own idea. i once had someone ask how harry buys amazing shoes for me and if he has great style as well. well, he buys them in cash (haha!) and he does have a certain laid-back style but not the kind of style where he'll see a pair of shoes and immediately think it's stylish and is perfect for me. i'd like that to remain that way as i don't want my boyfriend to be leaning towards girly stuff (if you know what i mean). 

visting department stores and different shoe stores is one way you can get the idea into your boyfriend's mind. try on a few pairs and don't stop gushing over them until he gets the point. saying it would look good with that dress would also help. talking incessantly about the pair even after you've left the store is one way for the idea to stick to his head. yes sure, these may be good steps and have been tried and tested by most girls but remember, guys are not mind readers. actually, there's no one i know who can read minds. so giving hints and having your boyfriend pick them up may be romantic but there's an 85% chance that you'll get the wrong pair (or size or color) when you open your present. 

so how do i get Harry to buy me a pair of shoes? i tell him. LOL. it would be good if you have an agreement to give gifts during birthdays and christmas which we have. so right when these occasions are nearing, i tell him straight to the point, "i want shoes for my birthday (or for christmas)." how do i get him to buy the right pair, size and color? i take a photo of the pair and save it in his phone with my shoe size as the photo name. 

and that's how you get your boyfriend to buy you shoes. it's a win-win. he's free from having to guess and take hints while i get to plan my outfits imagining the pair of shoes i'll be getting. *wink*

polka top - thrifted
lace-detailed pleated skirt - thrifted
black cuban heels - parisian (gifted from Harry!)
black studded bucket bag - parisian, sm dept store
studded belt - pratunam, bangkok
necklaces: house key - DIY | elephant tusk - bangkok
metallic cuff - carbon find
bow ring - carbon find

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Aisa.Paxie said...

ako i force mich!!! i try to do the puss-in-boots eyes first pag walang effect ayun i force her na. hahaha!:) cute post sis.. and love your shoes ha! HI Harry!!!:)

Anonymous said...

I love those shoes!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha I want to get my bf to buy me a pair of shoes!!!! Love this look.

Heart Charlie said...

Haha, total win-win! He's getting you a gift he knows you will adore :) Love your shoes, you look adorable!

ninasayshello said...

If only my bf buys me stuff...
hahaha nice outfit, especially the shoes. :)

Mary Ann said...

^^, Hehe, parang ganyan din kmi ni PJ, cguro over the past 7 years, naubusan n xa ng gift ideas that would really surprise me, so every occasion, he asks me what I want--of course, I always give him choices haha, (new book or shoes, most of the time, hehe)

Eve said...

Awww! your bf is so nice! And I love those shoes btw.

Jing Ocay said...

haha!katawa ko ani na post your skirt and shoes. :D

Michelle Palomar said...

love your shoes!!

Eunice said...

same here, I give hints, but often it's the wrong shoes and the wrong style. hahaha I should practice what you do so the next time I would not go disappointed. haha but I still love the effort he exerts in buying me gifts. :))

great shoes! I wish I can also pull off that kind of style! :)

roanjean said...

Hahaha I swear I do that most of the time. Sometimes sya na mismo ang nago-offer because he knows when I really like something (nasa facial expression or I can't stop gushing haha), minsan ako na nahihiya.But he's like that too so quits lang kami! :))

Pineapple Monsters said...

What a great idea! hahaha! :)


Hazel☺ said...

HAHAHA what a great post.. problem is i don't have a bf now whom i can count on to buy gift for me! BOO-HOO! lol :P but i'll keep this in my head... definitely helpful. you're also resourceful ha, taking pics and saving it over to your bf's phone. i like it! :D

xoxo hazel

Aylin Vedad said...

haha. ang Kulit! Me, my bf also buys me shoes =)

Niviarsiaq said...

love your cute skirt! very chic! and those are rockin shoes girl :)

Melai said...

This is a cute post gizelle. JR and I haven't agreed to buying each other gifts on special occasions. We agreed on saving up. I'm kuripot like that. When I like new shoes, I always, always, make UTANG to my boyfriend. Hahaha. If he has no cash, I tell him to use the credit card. Hahaha. Then it will take me forever to pay him back, little by little, I pay him back. That way I don't feel the weight of the cost.

But what we have in common is whenever we have gift giving, I also tell him directly on what he wants and he does the same too :)

Melai of Style and Soul

ShopGirlXOXO said...

Loving the outfit!!! I also love how it seems like there is a spotlight on you in the shots.


wow!!!! :]] brilliant idea!!! but first i gotta find a boyfriend muna :P~

Anonymous said... lovely your boyfriend! i wish i have a bf now.hehe:))

btw,your outfit i really like everything what your wore! i love the skirt color.and your shoes,I LIKE :)


Sweet said...

same here...Gizelle...I always give my pouting lips and puppy eyes if I wanted something ahhaha!!!

funny how King would argue about saving money...and he can't do that if I am always gushing about different kind of stuff...oh well!!!! a girl definitely gets what she wants hehehehe...

I think we are just very lucky to have boyfriends who makes us happy in a fashionable way!!!


michelle_ said...

love it !

glisters and blisters

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