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17 January 2011

rain or shine: Cebu knows how to party!

purchasing this pair of studded boots despite living in a tropical country is probably one of the best shoe decisions i've made in 2009. this pair has gone through two Sinulog festivals and has freed my feet from mud, being stepped on and believe it or not, blisters. Sinulog is always the best excuse to go over the top with the outfit and don as many accessories as you can. as i didn't have enough time to make my American-Indian head dress, my mom's floral boho top is the next best thing plus my favorite head dress, the turban. next year for sure, i'll be donning feather on my head.

Sinulog is also always the perfect excuse to go wild out on the streets even with the heavy rain, paint our bodies with anything that we'll probably regret when we get to the office on Monday, drink even in the early afternoon, blow on a whistle till' our friends go deaf and shout to our hearts desire. you don't believe me? i'll let the photos do the talking...

i don't know how i got home but i owe Harry for getting me there safely. next year, i'm not drinking on an empty stomach nor am i stealing any cups of beer from unknowing friends. LOL.

floral bohemian top - thrifted
denim shorts - beads and blooms
studded boots - mongkok, hong kong
purple printed turban - thrifted
brass alligator and scorpion connector ring - carbon find
huge black oval ring - gifted from sweet of pensandlens
elephant necklace - carbon find
elephant tusk - bangkok
brass bangles - carbon finds
wooded bangle - raw materials store, cebu

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Sweet said...

I love the black oval stood out from the rest and YES even though it did not arrive in time for Christmas...I guess the ring made it's way for SINULOG!!! whehehhe!!!

how I wish I was there with you guys!!!! next year!!! I will party hard....


Gela said...

look like you had a blast, Gizelle!

i'm always in Cebu, but i've never been to Sinulog! i have to fix this. hopefully i finally get to go next year! :D

boat ride through the sky

Anonymous said...

i looooove your top, gizelle! a real stand-out! oh, oh, oh! i have chika!! OH EM GEE! haha! :))

Hazel☺ said...

your top reminds me of summer.. must be because of the floral print! and *grasp* your rings are awesommmme! <3


AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

hi! thank you so much for visiting my site! I love yours! Been a follower for a while :) I love your top! and despite the tropical weather, I admire your boots!:) hehe I wanna go to cebu someday :) heard from pax that it's awesome!

Hazel☺ said...

and btw, i really wish i could experience sinulog next year or in the coming years! i'm missing out alot haha!

<3 hazel

Vera said...

haha aw, what a fun boho top! you are adorable. :)

Anonymous said...

Pit Senor!!! It looks like you had an amazing time, I haven't been to Sinulog since I was a little, little kid. I'm sure I would have a BALL now!!!

Melai said...
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roanjean said...

I know right! Loser kaayo ko hahaha! I was supposed to go to Ayala with some friends Sunday night but I backed out because I got sort of traumatized with the post-SM fireworks experience. It was so hard getting a cab! :D

Melai said...

Wow I'm soo inggit mukang super saya nga!!! Gizelle, was the turban really thrifted or is that a scarf turned into a turban? If the answer to #2 question is yes, please teach me how (tutorial)!! I dunno how to make scarves into turbans kasi! Hehehe.

Anyway you look smashing! And yey! Cheers for that fun and crazy festival! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Anonymous said...

those bohemian look is just perfect for that sinulog fest..
you're the more catchy and chic than the others..
esp. for that headband.. fab gisele!


Isabeau Jane said...

cebu houses the kind of party animals authorities would want to put a leash on! rain or shine we storm the streets and dance our asses off from the beats!

Anonymous said... fun ya! :)
oh i like your floral top.and your turban boho look:)

oh btw u going bangkok this feb? argh.i also want go there again.never bored travel there.hehehe:))

KC said...

saw your blog on pensandlens. you are totally rocking sinulog with that colorful number. love the accessories!!

Jen HaHA said...

Love that top! I could see that paired with lots of different bottoms. Look at those legs. Woo-Woot. :D

Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Lisa said...

Ahh I missed Sinulog! I was actually in Cagayan & then Bohol for the last 10 days. Maybe next year :)

A Fictional Blog

vanessa east said...

i just gave you the stylish blogger award:


Heart Charlie said...

Love that bright printed top! I also love the face paint and the oversized ring, so perfect!

Claire said...

love your top & accessories!!! thanks for visiting my blog, you're one of my fave fashion bloggers :)

L.D. said...

How festive your outfit! love the butterfly cheverlou effect! :)

ShopGirlXOXO said...

I absolutely love your curls! I am green with envy. :)


gorgeous! i cant believe i missed sinulog 2011! sheez! total badluck! but its cool! :] rain or shine party partying eh! <3

lartijunkiez said...

Nice outfit! I love the whole look, especially your top and accessories! ^_^ Wonderful blog, I'm following it!

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