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06 November 2010

teenage excitement

although this has caused a little argument with harry (which has been resolved so don't worry), i miss my teen years --- the 'kilig' and excitement that came with it. i am not specifically talking about my love life as there are other important aspects of life other than that. i am talking about the general feeling of being a teen. being filled with hopes and aspirations. being all set to conquer the world. having this determination to be the best that we can be. reality takes a huge bite out of these things and certain dreams have to be set aside. i was never in denial that growing up is easy but i also never thought that there are times that it would be really hard, like having to accept that people i love would eventually have to live separate lives from me. it's inevitable and i should have had this wisdom now that i'm 26 but it's still hard. 

in my usual way of dealing with things, i am looking at the bright side after wallowing in the confusion. immediate plans for the last 2 months of 2010 are: canvass and window shop for a bigger bed for my room and a new shelf for all of my books (and the books that i have yet to buy), search for interior design inspirations for the room that will now be all for myself, plan a family getaway and finally, learn how to control the waterworks when we do have to be at the airport come december.

ps. thanks to everyone for all your thoughts, wisdom and opinions on my last post. fashion is indeed a tricky business and if we're not careful, it can draw us into a world of materialism and vanity instead of art and self-expression.

cotton printed dress - chatuchak, bangkok
green tunic used as cover-up - mom's closet
brown peep-toe platforms - CMG
necklaces: charms - carbon find | fairy - props
bangles: wooden green and blue - props | brass ones - carbon finds
rings: brass skull, burnt orange stone - carbon finds | oval blue stone and green stone - props
zebra-striped fedora hat - sm dept store

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Molly said...

this ensemble is so friggan fierce! I adore the rings. Lookin' fab, lookin' fab

L.D. said...

"fashion is indeed a tricky business and if we're not careful, it can draw us into a world of materialism and vanity instead of art and self-expression."

Gizelle, I love how you said the statement above. That is indeed true. Sometimes the force of materialism is.just.too.powerful! But I have to say that clothes are really a form of expression. I totally agree with that.

When I was in HS, I have big plans for myself. It's quite amusing to remember what I wanted for myself and comparing it to what I have attained now: not so much! But hey, don't fret. We're still young. Don't worry too much, okay?

Pinch of thoughts said...

hi Gizelle! am more into vanity siguro kc am not really an artistic person pero i really love fashion. carry pa naman ang pagka vain ko at salamat sa ukay coz i really don't want to spend that much to keep my self beautiful and presentable, okay na ok na ang ukay and me having 2 kids i should be practical nowadays hehhe and i really admire you for being smart and fashionable, you're one lucky girl!

Jing Ocay said...

good luck on your plans,G!
I love this outfit.and again,your accessories.

Cherie said...

lovely fedora hat! good luck on all your plans gizelle, i hope they all come true :)

silviasiantar said...

i love your rings. very beautiful.

thanks 4 your sweet comment on my blog dear.


keep in touch

Melai said...

Aaaw gizelle! I know right. Teen years were those idealistic years and now, we that reality is right in front of our faces it's as if we don't want to dream anymore, or we burry them at the back of our heads. Gosh. I miss dreaming big. :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Carissa Clark said...

I lovee the rings, so cute!

dred said...

i love that picture of you on the couch. hehe and hey, who is leaving? but don't worry because with the technology nowadays, you'll never miss your love ones. :)

and as for being a teen, i loved it because you have smaller and lesser problems. haha

i am loving your heels!!!

Sanny said...

I'm loving the prints in your dress! And those accessories of yours are just FAB! I really need to pick up more accessories than just clothing!

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy a scoop of ice cream! (:

Sanny's Head to Heart

Kasia said...

You look great. I especially like your accessories!


stylefrontier said...

i really love this outfit!
all the best for your new room

Anastasia said...

Thank you so much for your comment! =D

Your post really made me think! =O I know what you mean ^^

And such a lovely dress, by the way! ;D

Aileen Kim said...

when i was sixteen i couldn't wait to be twenty five. When i reached my twenties I was braving the world and all its incredulities. Now that am in my early thirties, I just wanna keep still and live each day as it comes. Perhaps we evolve through time, realizing that life is not all peaches and cream, yet we learn to accept that and still be happy! Cheers to all your sweet and endearing, yet honest thoughts!

Take a break and live more

Vera said...

mm i know what you mean. but on the other hand, being young really does have its limits on what you can do. even though you dream big.

Sharina said...

Beautiful rings!:) I love them!
Your outfit is awesome, as well.

Shari of Aviator Shades ✿✿

michelle_ said...

beautiful dress giselle ! and i want your amber/red/brown ring !! the stone is really cool :)

i do wish i could live in my teen days.. i was one of the few people in the class that grew up faster.. my thoughts were mature, and now.. in which im 18 yrs old, most people say I think like a 22 year old, and I dont even hang out with 18 yaear olds anymore simply because now i think that they're immature..

its just weird how life goes on.. even now that im only 18, im already afraid of what's coming up in the work world :S


you have the nicest accessories! :) i love visiting here every now and then. your fashion style tells a lot. take care gizelle! :)

Missy S


you have the nicest accessories! :) i love visiting here every now and then. your fashion style tells a lot. take care gizelle! :)

Missy S

E said...

hey chica, you are looking good as always! i'm digging this outfit!
and yes of course your sis can email me :) I'll be happy to share my thrifting haunts with her :)

Sweet said...

I do not want to tackle about fashion itself...I just want to pave way to important things first but whether we like it or always magnetized us and seems to grab our attention every day!!!

I love the outfit here...aside from the maxi skirt you submitted I am seeing myself in this dress...


Gillian Uang said...

I love your photo in the sofa!!! prettyyy!

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