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17 November 2010

honey, we can talk about anything

as a kid, i remember my mom asking me to stay silent for even just 5 minutes. yes, it was that impossible for me to stop talking. i was infamous for blabbering about anything that was on my mind. ironically though, despite how talkative i am, i also enjoyed being alone. but i did talk to my stuffed rabbits or dolls or sometimes to myself, as i attempted to write an amateur novel. 

years later, i never thought i could my meet my match and in my soulmate at that. harry talks more than me. his brain is filled with so many ideas and information, i am rendered speechless. so on our usual saturday night date over pasta and cheesecake, while listening to harry talk about one of the authors he spoke to at work, i realized that one thing i should always be thankful for is how harry and i never run out of things to talk about. after 34 months of being together, you would thing our conversations would go in circles and would grow duller by the moment. we will never have that and i'm thankful because not everyone can have that.

"I cannot wait for | I will not wait forever | It's such a drag | Nobody knows me better | I'm heavy like Sunday | I wanna be your reason why..." -- Leona Naess

printed maxi dress - thrifted
long black cardigan - thrifted
beaded sandals - gifted from harry (people are people)
black belt with gold studs - pratunam, bangkok
necklaces: fairy - props | watch - hongkong
bangles - props and carbon finds
rings: blue stone and skull - carbon finds

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00000 said...

Sweet! I love your new layout, ang cute nung header.. <3

ching said...

more power to you and harry! the liveliness of a guy's mind is definitely appealing.

beneath the glass said...

great outfit, that dress is so pretty! and it's great you have someone to talk to all the time :)

Beneath the Glass

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

the patterend dress with all the jewelry is the epitome of bohemian glamour! =)

Marta said...

you look so adorable :o)

Leah said...

You've definitely met your soul mate. I love your dress. xoxo

ShopGirlXOXO said...

such a lovely dress and great outfit together. :)

Pinch of thoughts said...

well then, i should be thankful too to my husband for being not so boring like me, he can talk a lot too and about anything and everything under the sun hehhe...i envy your maxi dress ms. Gizelle. Gud day!

Jing Ocay said...

first and foremost(char!),congrats on your new header,G!very nice.
and the colors and patterns of your dress are cute.
karelate ko sa pgkatabian,dai.I'm known for being talkative jud but when I'm with boyfrnd,nah mas tabian pa diay sya sako and he talks with sense unlike me.haha
stay happy and in love,G!

Gela said...

aww, i'm happy for you & your Harry. my boyfriend & i are the same, except most of the time we're not really talking but laughing. haha.

also, i only noticed your new blog header just now! so cute!

boat ride through the sky

Kara said...

This dress is so gorgeous on you! Great pattern and colours! :)

hehehe, not running out of things to talk about is the best part of relationships :) You and your man sound perfect!


Isabeau Jane said...

a witty guy is always a keeper! among everything else friendship is the most important in any kind of relationship ^^

ur style always catches my eye very good placing of accessories but not at all overpowering!

The ViXeN's LaiR

Sweet said...

aww wow...that is also why I am thankful for King, we never seem to run out of things to say to each other....we can talk about anything and every date is like our first date....

Love the maxi dress Gizelle and yes your new layout rocks!!!


Meg said...

Your dress is really cute. It's great that you and your fella still have lots of talk about.

Gessyl said...

woah, the new header is just fab gizelle! :) it looks like you guys will be enjoying many more years to come.

T said...

Ooo, I am so into that belt!

TwistedHalo said...

Someone told me to marry someone I could talk to because when you're old and gray, that's about the only you can do together. :P

Love the new lay-out! By the way, I shipped the necklace yesterday (so overdue, I know!). I hope it arrives in good condition. :)

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

love the dress! x hivennn.

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

nice maxi dresss

6roove said...

very pretty dress :))

Xx Watching the waves

roanjean said...

I really really like your new header!

Ako naman I'm thankful for having someone who's comfortable with my silences. :)

L.D. said...

"i should always be thankful for is how harry and i never run out of things to talk about. after 34 months of being together, you would thing our conversations would go in circles and would grow duller by the moment. we will never have that and i'm thankful because not everyone can have that."

What a sweet post, Gizelle. :) You should really be thankful for having a partner who you enjoy sharing ideas with, and conversing with.


I also am thankful for having a man like that in my life! Stay in love, Gizelle!

LadyNansei said...

That reminds me of a quote I read somewhere, I think my friend made it: 'Real love is where you've talked a million times a day yet you never run out of things to say'.
What's your job, btw. If you have a job that is. .


wow harry is your soulmate! stay inlove you gorgeous lady! <3

ps: lovely header!

Taradiddles of style on a budget

Sharina said...

First, I love your layout! Beautiful!
And next, your outfit is just amazing. I love the maxi dress - suits you well and looks really good!!!


michelle_ said...

i love seeing u in maxi dresses giselle !
you always look good in them :D

thanks for stopping by at my blog !
glisters and blisters

Justine said...

I love this printed dress! I LOVE to wear dresses and skirts yet I don't wear them that often since i dont have very many.

Just Better Together

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