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16 July 2010

what would you do?

on monday, my resignation became official. yes, i know i already wrote about submitting my resignation and talking to my manager but for the last 2 or so weeks, they have been holding on to this hope that i will change my mind so they kept me talking to higher management and have tried postponing my decision by saying, "let's talk again on monday...just spend the weekend thinking about your decision." they told me that on 3 fridays. so i just nodded only to come back every monday with the same plan in mind. i didn't mean to give them a hard time and i am definitely not trying to give too much importance to myself. i am sorry guys, but you can't hold this girl down. 

so i have 6 more working days (counting tonight) until my last day in the corporate world. i am counting the days and have been counting the hours, literally! i have already transitioned all my tasks to the other supervisors that i have ended up not doing anything on my shift. i get home but cannot sleep because i have all these things running in my mind, like what i am going to do with my freedom. two things top my list but that's it. so out of curiosity, i am going to ask you:

what would you do if you were 25 years old and you just quit your day job, taking enough savings you've made over the past 4 years?

grey oversized knitted top - thrifted
black long cardigan - thrifted
jeans - bebe jeans
grey metal-embellished flats - a gift from charm (so fab!)
my over-used grey bag - mongkok ladies' market, hongkong
pearl and bead necklace - DIY-ed in college
stone ring - thrifted in carbon
cuffs - both from props
work watch - swatch

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Unknown said...

sure that ring is thrifted in carbon? get out!!

no wait seriously babe. kudos to you. i know it can be a bit hard in the upcoming days but i am pretty confident you wont stay stagnant for far too long. i've been having this dilemma recently, i expressed my intention to resign from our station, but to no avail.. they had to bargain for me to stay. that's fine.

whatever happens youll have more free time to hangout now, wheee! things will be okay:)


Anonymous said...

I would celebrate, especially if it were a job I wasn't too cool with. I think you did right by resigning... you gotta do what you gotta do. Enjoy your freedom.

Heck, I'm going to be celebrating once I graduate from college.

DustInMyWind said...

Love your bag!

Way to go doing what you want! Don't let other people hold you down or get in the way of your desires.

I would probably take a nice vacation. Nothing too long or too fancy. Just a way to relax a little and have a little me-time.

Best of luck in the future!

dred said...

i'd probably start my own business which would involve anything about fashion or photography. coz in that way i am my own boss and i own my time and i wouldn't be miserable because I am doing something I'm passionate about. :)

love your cardigan! oh i'm so jealous of the freedom you will soon have. xx

vdcouture said...

casual, chic, lovely :)
love this look!


Beth said...

I would travel-- not a lot because I'd still want to save money, but I'd go to ONE place that I've been wanting to go to forever.

I'd go to Paris.

Good for you for quitting!

Mary Ann said...

If I were that girl (which I think I will be, next year=)) I think, I won't make any decision YET. I mean--this is 4 years worth of your effort and time, so whatever u decided to use it for, you've got to be sure.
I think I'll rest,think,research and brainstorm for a month or two. Then I would probably start my own business--depending on my liking.Probably not right away--I will have to attend/avail of some training or seminar to"refresh" and learn things about that business first.---Oh and all the while I'm doing that---i'd be praying to God to light my way--thanking my family and boyf for their support--and pep-talking myself that "I CAN..I WILL..succeed.=) Good luck girl,=)

Vera said...

hey you,
on the outfit - love the grey/neutral tones, and that beautiful bag!

now on to the others. if i were you, i would take my savings to travel a bit. but of course, i'm not. hehe, i know you're planning to start your own business - go for it! your passion will take you far. i believe that :)

Jing Ocay said...

I'll probably start my own business.something I know i would never regret. :)
god bless,gizelle!
I love your cardigan. :)

Unknown said...

Love your outfit! :D

Well, I know you'll be ok! :D At least you managed to have some savings! 4 yrs of experience in the corporate world will make you so much more demanding :D

titaz said...

woww. well, we have the same things :) i resign to this month after 5 years work on one of famous teenage radio in my country :)

what should i do? well, i still work (on my new place off course) and.. i tried to start seriously my own business :)

are u already get new job? or u have a plan to start ur new things?

but beside all, don't forget to have some vacation. it will refresh ur mind, soul and body to face a new day :)

ps : like ur outfit, especially the long cardigan :)

Jakarta - Indonesia

Joanna Ladrido said...

this is a cute and simple look for everyday! :)

E said...

i would go backpacking for a year! In fact that's what I'm planning to do in the future, so I'm saving my butt off for that :)
Good luck with your future, its only gonna get brighter!

Unknown said...

great ring
great outfit


Kookie B. said...

i agree with Dred! i thought you were going to start a business? but i say, enjoy the first few months of your freedom first.

you can do it! we can do this!

btw, im loving the oversized cardi!

AlbY said...

I just love the bag!!
It´s amazing!!!!
perfect !!


michelle_ said...

i love your bag and jeweled necklace !
reminds me of prada's chandelier shoes :)

Anonymous said...

You have a talent Gizelle, go ahead and use it. With that savings I think have gone a long way to go...

I did some crucial decision before, quit my regular job and focused on my bar, it was a hard move because I had to stay late up nights but in the end we have to close because of some misunderstanding regarding the management. But all is well, because after I closed my bar, things just paved way.

Got in a class in Bangkok, offered a job and now I am staying here happily working. So I guess in due time things will work out for you.

I know this is my positivity talking but I always do that.

You have such great talent Gizelle, and I believe in it, we do believe in you. So go on, take a break and give yourself a check list on what you really want.

take care gorgeous!

Blicious said...

your ring is AMAZING!!!!!!

cute blog!



Explore, shop, eat! Hehe, Have fun (:

xx, Melissa

Elaine said...

You look fabulous! I especially love your bag.

I would do what I love and find a way to make money from it. I personally don't like working and I only do it to support me and my husband so I've decided to only work part-time because it made me so unhappy and depressed before. Good luck! Remember it's your life and you deserve to be happy.

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Teresa said...

What a fantastic bold ring! And you thrifted it? Even better!


minnja said...


Sherry Lou Studio said...

LOVE the ring and the whole look. :)


Heather said...

Congrats on your new chapter!

If I'd saved enough, I'd take a little time off, do a little bit of traveling and then go to work on making my passion also my job, which would involve a combo of fashion, photography and travel. Now if I'd been a really really REALLY good saver, I'd take a long road trip. I'd love to spend a year just traveling the country with no plan or destination set.

Jen Hsieh said...

there's nothing better than a good ol' boyfriend cardigan, and this one is fantastic and so versatile :)

congratulations on making your resignation official! i know you're going to do great things and i can't wait to find out what they are! wishing you all the luck in the world!!!!

t a l i s h a said...

love your necklace and those sunnies.. hmm if i were you, i wouldn't quit my job.. i don't know, maybe i'm just not an extreme risk-taker.. hahahaha.. i'd save more and more and if i've made enough to ensure the future of my family and kids, i'd retire at early 30s, perhaps. lol.

Kelly said...

Wow, I would probably travel the world, or open my own business.

lovely blog!
<3 Kelly

00000 said...

I love your cardigan Gizelle! I have a similar one in peach. Magre-resign na rin ako sa work ko in a month or two, excited na ako kasi for the past few months sobrang ang laki ng hinaggard ko from work. Yun lang, I'm holding on because I dont have much savings.

If I were to quit and have enough savings, I'd definitely start my own business, probably food or fashion-related :)

Lee []

Anonymous said...

love your look, as always! the ring is so cute!
what i would do? i'll pamper myself for a whole week, of course! ;)

Castor Pollux

Eve Gore said...

You are so pretty! I love your blog!
I’m following you!
If you want, can you following me back!

I love your style! <3

Lloyda said...

great outfit! i'm super envious of you bloggers with great thrifted stuff! :)

Gets said...

Loving your outfit! (: The ring and necklace are amazing too! :D

Hmm.. I'd prolly get another job that I'm happy with or start my own business with the savings and if there's leftovers I'd invest them in stocks and bonds. ((:

Stay strong and enjoy your freedom! :D Don't let yourself get discouraged or whatever, just be happy. :D


Analisa said...

I would start my own business. More specially open a boutique, and I would travel with some of the money, and pick up things from other parts of the world to sell in my boutique, haha. Conventional wisdom is that you should have up to 12 months worth of living expenses put away before you start your own business, and you have 48! I wish you lots of luck!

veronicaa said...

Love your whole outfit!
Amazing blog :)
Xoxo Veronica
my passion for fashion**

Anonymous said...

Well, I am 25, and have also just quit my day job (though I am working out til the end of August)... and my plan is go to home to Australia, go back to school and finish my Arts degree. I have one more year (which i deferred to work for the last 5 years), and then I can be a teacher. Exciting stuff... completely different to what I am doing right now (Admin assistant) and i can't wait!! Best of luck to you :))

Ps - i just received the jewelry.. i recognise your gorgeous ring there because i have the same now. It's amazing i love it and the earring both! I will def do a blogpost soon :) xx

Carmen said...

I love your bag and necklace! Your ring is amazing! Maybe you should follow a childhood dream that you never got round to doing!


guildedsecret. said...

wow!! it seems like you're in the midst of a ton of life changes. honestly i would take 4 weeks to yourself - obviously you'll have to find another job but take this time to find out what you really want. take the time to read, listen to music, hang out with friends... this is your life and you're still young!



OddSoul Designs by Afura Fareed said...

sweet necklace!

Isabeau Jane said...

me, i went back to school to pursue my dream of reaching my potential.. having gone back to school made me know a lot more about myself, and im loving every moment of discovery ^^

hope you find what your heart truly desires ^^

The ViXeN's LaiR

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