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17 February 2010

ashes and wine


i just love that song by 'a fine frenzy'... it's great to listen to during sunset. i don't know, maybe it's because the first time i heard it, i was parking on the roof parking lot of ayala terraces and it was sunset. i had it on blast on my ipod, blocking any other sound from the world. 
although the sun is out, it's still pretty much cooler today than yesterday. the wind was blowing my hair all over when we attended mass this morning. it's the first day of lent -- ash wednesday. a time for soul searching. ironically, it's supposed to be the start of fasting as well but it's my mom's birthday today so food is very much abundant!  we can't eat any meat on wednesdays and fridays of lent but my mom is preparing lots of seafood dishes from all that we bought last sunday.

♥♥ happy birthday mommy! ♥♥

thank you for all the love and support you have given us, all our life. you have never failed us. i love you mom!

on me:
floral dress - thrifted
pink sweater - gap
skinny jeans - chillypapas
green braided belt - thrifted
white studded sandals - so fab (a gift from lil' sis)
layered bead necklace - bought from a friend 4 yrs ago
bangles: pink and gold - from india | blue and gold - hk shop
sunnies - thrifted

on mom (in hongkong):
green dress jacket - thrifted
black blazer - linea italia
brown leggings - ???
brown suede ankle boots - mongkok ladies market
blue green pashmina scarf - hk street vendor

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six-twentytwo-onine said...

ur mom is beautiful ... n looks like she has inspired u a lot .. happy birthday to her <3 alisha

Andy Quirks said...

love those bangles. your mum is so stylish! like daughter, like mum!
happy birthday to her!


Hillary said...

Your mama is so stylish! I see where you get your good taste. :)

Jen Hsieh said...

aww your mom is so stylish too! i'm really loving your outfit here, that floral dress is gorgeous! your bangles go so perfectly with your look as well. :)

and i love a fine frenzy! ashes and wine is one of my favorites along with almost lover and rangers. love her voice so much :)

Molly said...

i LOVE those bangles. They add so much color and depth to your outfit.

And your chic. Her dress is adorable!

deanne said...

pretty pretty dress :D your mom is as stylish as you are. guess it runs in the family ;)

Anonymous said...

hey i gave you an award...check my blog out...^^

Victoria Jin said...

I'm loving the florals! Makes me miss spring so much. It cannot come fast enough!


Anonymous said...

gizelle, i've posted a character for u... check it out dear..;p

hope u like it....i'm sorry if it doesn't look like you...;p

Victoria said...

Wow what a bright n pretty outfit :) Caught my attention as a new reader! x

Unknown said...

ooh love all the colors in the look!! and happy birthday to your mom :)

guildedsecret. said...

i can see where you get your adorable style from! your mother is simply gorgeous!


::post script::
just got my ashes for ash wednesday too!

Jen said...

Your mum is super stylish! Loving her outfit - and yours! Such gorgeous colours.

DIANA said...

Hey darling I have missed you sooooooo much! I love all of the bright colors you pull them off amazingly you really do!!! Awwww I love mommy’s they are the best they help us so much and are sometimes our best friends right? They are the best! Well take care amazing post….Love Dye♥

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Happy Birthday to your mom! This post made me smile BIG :) My ma is my best friend! On another note, those bracelets & sandals are unique....and though, I barely wear'em, I think my favorite fashion points lies in accessories:) I adore Claires....

Leah said...

Your mom is so pretty... I guess I know where you got the genes. Happy birthday to your mom.

I love the play of colors in your outfit... the bracelets and the necklaces are so fun.

Have a great day Gizelle! xoxo

Anonymous said...

yay happy bday to your mom! and nice call on the skirt over the jeans. and haha yes, i'm full filipino but moved to the US.

already linked you ;D

Anonymous said...

yay happy bday to your mom! and nice call on the skirt over the jeans. and haha yes, i'm full filipino but moved to the US.

already linked you ;D

Unknown said...

they say if you wanna know what you'll look like when you grow old look at you mom, and girl your future you is so beautiful.

happy bday to your mom!

I am Denise Katipunera

piglet said...

Love this fun and colourful look! The stacked bangles are wonderful.

CC said...

your outfits screams SUMMER! love it!

Anonymous said...

Awww with the blog about your mom, it makes me miss my mom as well.

Love the necklace my dear... hope to meet you when I get home.

My 4th forever21 giveaway is open now for all Cebu bloggers and residents. You had one entry for my last giveaway.

Take Care



cool outfit !

Raez said...

you and your mom are just adorable! and both very stylish!

xx raez

Marta said...

your mom is beautiful!!!!

i like the floral skirt so much! it's so optimistic becasue of the wonderful colours!

vanessa east said...

your mom is lovely. ;()
cybil says HI, gwapa ^^

Anonymous said...

Cute bracelets!;))

Elaine said...

Happy birthday to your mom! She is so cute :)

Don't forget to enter to win a tankini of your choice!

The F Word Online said...

hey girl, sorry i've been mia - exams and vacays have been consuming my life for a little while. also, thanks for taking the time to enter my giveaway :) loveee the layered bracelets ! and happy birthday to your mum :) how cute !

xx lue

michelle_ said...

i love the stack of bangles !
many thanks for the sweet comments .
visit - follow - comment me

L1L2 said...

love your sandals... and ur mom is awesome!!!

I am Khatu said...

beautiful colors, and such a lovely skirt!

lyka raagas said...

ur mom is so stylish. (liwat jd ka) hehe happy birthday mum! haha i love the bangles!!!

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