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05 July 2007

it HAS to go on

life that is..

it was only last week that i realized how life went on for me without me knowing it. people are asking if i'm okay. i guess i am. but then again, maybe i just ignored the drama. after all, there's nothing i can do about it really. good things have to come to an end. it was fun. at one point, i smiled about it throughout my day. there WAS a point when the mere thought of 'us' pulled me out of my bed.

so now, i'm back to waiting. i'm not sure if i'm ready. ready to put myself in the same situation again. so i wake up at 10pm, go to work. busy myself with evaluations, and meetings. go home at 9am. eat breakfast. watch a little bit of TV. then sleep. pretty much routine. and i wait for something to surprise me. make me fall. make me smile. whatever happens, is bound to happen at some point.

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