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12 July 2007

10 years ago vs NOW

went to karla's apartment yesterday to buy some stuff. only bought one dress- which was cute by the way - if only i'll have somewhere to wear it. i stayed there for 2 hrs. we were just catching up on what's been going on in our lives. and reminiscing about the old days. wishing we can have a reunion. damn it's been 10 years.

and so karla and i realized that the things happening to us now, have happened to us back in elementary. but the only difference is, the elemenraty days didn't have as much drama as now. we could easily let go of things. like if the guy we liked, liked somebody else all of a sudden, it's really okay. i guess age comes with drama. and drama becomes bigger when we've gone through so much shit.

back in the day, when a boy throws stuff at you, we'd be oblivious that it was just a sign of him liking us. when your crush turns out to like your friend, we hurt but then we move on. there are more crushes. when he gets your number, he really calls. even if it's after a month since he can't muster up the courage to actually say anything on the other line. when we fall in love, it's the happiest thing.

right now, when a boy suddenly throws stuff at you, we have 2nd thoughts. because we're not sure if he does like us. or he was just kidding around. when a guy we like turns out to like your friend, it hurts deep. and we'd feel rejected. we actually shed tears for this. when a guy gets your number, we instantly think that he just wants to be a friend. and yes, you send text messages back and forth but it suddenly stops. and then we move on. and today, when we fall in love, it's a rollercoaster ride. it's not all giggles and butterflies in the stomach. it's also dizziness. confusion. doubts.

so i'm thinking. at 22 years old, maybe we should learn to treat things like we were still 12 or 15 years old. uncomplicated. innocent. and maybe, we won't be hurting this much.

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