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28 March 2014

love and loss

it's quite hard for me to write this but i feel that i need to. to vent. to share the experience. to let those who have experienced or are experiencing the same thing that you are not alone. and yes, maybe to assure myself that i am not alone. 

this beach trip was 2 weekends ago and i should be almost 3 months pregnant by that time or i should have been. yes, i am saying with a constantly aching heart, that we lost the baby. 

we spent such a short time with the knowledge that i was carrying a little one but it really doesn't make the pain any lesser. the moment we saw those two lines, immense love washed over us like you wouldn't believe. it was a short pregnancy but the devastation still shattered me. shattered us. is still shattering us. 

it is quite common for first pregnancies to end up in a miscarriage but we never really thought it would happen to us. one can't really go into it and expect to experience it. the news of joy was hard to keep especially when we were bursting at the seams. but it did and we fell into the statistic. if not for the assurance and comfort offered by our doctor, i would have continued to blame myself for losing the baby. luckily, we had a really good obstetrician. so no, i didn't stress myself out during the pregnancy. i did not run, jump or did anything physically strenuous. i ate right and did not drink alchohol nor take drugs. the baby's development just ceased to continue. our little blueberry's heart just stopped. whereas others get to keep their baby despite attempting to terminate their pregnancy by doing physically strenuous things, we did things right and still lost our little one. 

it has been a month since we suffered the loss and we have no choice but to move forward. to look ahead and hope for better days. i have to say, it is quite scary being back at one, knowing that it took us almost a year to successfully conceive. but right now, i am hanging on to the faith that we are meant to have a little Harry or Gizelle and it will happen soon enough. 

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Unknown said...

awwww... we both blogged today, knowing how delinquent we are with our blogs :) hugs, ma... you know I'm here for you since day one. no one expected that would happen, and no one is to blame... you and Harry have years and years and years of togetherness and being fruitful together, i can see nothing but waves and waves of good possibilities ahead. stay strong, ma! you're one of the wisest and strongest people i know.

toni oca said...

i dont know what to say. just hang in there, gizelle. tight hugs to you and harry :*

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your loss, Gizelle. You are in my prayers. Keep strong always!

Lisa said...

Deeply sorry for your loss, Gizelle. I've been meaning to reach out for a long time. So much has happened in the 2 years since I abandoned my old blog.

Stay strong. I know you'll be an amazing mother someday.

Take care,
Lisa (formerly of A Fictional Blog)

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