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13 August 2013

catch-up post: the maze hipzone makeover

oh how time flies -- so cliche but so true. i didn't realize how crazy busy i've been until i was preparing this post and it's almost 2 months overdue. one day we were excited for the Maze Hipzone's revamping and launching of their SS 2013 line and the next day, we're experiencing heavy downpour because summer is way over. 

nevertheless, the experience that was the Maze Hipzone's re-launching is worth doing a catch up post because well, the face lift was much awaited. the Maze Hipzone holds great fashion finds and it's awesome that it's now getting the attention that it rightly deserves. 

silk floral top - thrifted | khaki cutoffs - onyx jeans, DIY | buckled platform booties - zu shoes au | round faux croc skin bag - props | beaded cuffs - downtown find | claw silver and gold cuffs - borrowed from mom | rings: snake and leopard rings - bangkok finds, cross connector and flower rings - downtown finds | stone necklace - BU find

right after the event, Toni and i couldn't resist running directly to Maze to shop. i scored a pair of "so me" floral booties that was the perfect pair to reward me for my self-imposed and necessary shopping ban. i remember not being able to resist buying shoes every month when i had a full-time, cubicle and stress-inducing job yet these booties that were a break from a 4-month hiatus was enough to make me happy. 

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Tanya said...

Lovely pic.

Jeje said...

Hi Gizelle!

I can feel you about not being able to stop yourself from buying stuff esp. shoes! Hehe

Btw, Love your top and hair. Cool! :D

STUDDED BLISS x Rock Your Inner Happiness

ikimmymakeup said...

Gnahan ko sa boots <3 I'm excited to go back to Cebu soon for Christmas. I love your blog by the way. It's happy to see there are a lot of successful Cebuana bloggers out there

Ellinor Forje said...

Those shoes are exactly what we're seeing on the runway now. Love the entire look. Cheers for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

Fivyolen Qiu said...

great look x

Little Miss Olen.

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