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09 May 2013

the lipstick effect

the lipstick effect is the theory that in time of economic crisis, women are more likely to buy beauty products to make them more attractive to mates. raise your hand if you're guilty! 

for me though, it's not so much as being more attractive to mates because i already have the guy i want but it's really more about feeling better about myself. so yeah, guilty as charged, my red and pink lipsticks have been slightly overused these days. oh the life of a start-up freelancer. 

(i wanna hashtag "everythingwillpayoff" but remembered this is blogger. LOL).

cropped knit top - thrifted | lace bra - bench | high-waisted denim cut-offs - thrifted | grey ballet flats - janilyn | chunky red necklace - gifted by a client | black sunnies - fashion de bella | black and gold watch - gifted by sister | rings: black stone - downtown find, gecko and fox rings - pink pvssy, bangkok

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Anonymous said...

wish i could pull off flaming red lipstick like you, Gizelle! love your sunnies!

roanjean said...

Your lips and necklace "rhymed" :D

dinda belle said...

cutee :3 love the pink nails

Roxanne said...

I can relate to this post,
I'm not also a make up person but am also
into lipsticks right now, it's
brings you instant ganda kasi hihi

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