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07 October 2012

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selecting your wedding shoes, advices

It’s a well known fact that women give a great importance to their shoes. Surely, when it concerns such great day as wedding, everything should be perfect, including shoes. Since shoes can have a huge impact on a woman's behavior, any bride should think ten times when buying a pair for such special day as wedding day. The shoes should enhance the beauty of the bridal dress and at the same time, make the bride feel very comfortable, so she could enjoy in full her special day! If you are making a beach wedding in Florida,the choice of shoes will also be of crucial importance. 

Selecting Your Wedding Shoes, Advices

 If you still think that fashion and style are the only criteria that matter in choosing wedding shoes, you are wrong. First of all, before selecting the shoes, look at the wedding venue and the season weather when the wedding is taking place. Thus, if the wedding is about to be held outside in the summers, shoes like sandals with straps will suit the best, while pumps on high heels can stick into the ground, making you feel discomfort while walking! Respectively, if the wedding is in winter time, choose closed shoes, they will protect your feet from the cold. 

 Depending on what kind of wedding you are about to have, so will your wedding shoes. For example, if you are making a beach wedding or, flip flops, which today are available in various designs and colors, will be the best choice for your wedding dress. But if your wedding is formal one, taking place in church or restaurant, then it’s better to choose classical, elegant, high-heeled pumps or sandals on heels. 

 Second, when you have already on your wedding gown, choose such shoes that will look nice with the wedding dress. When choosing the shoes, bring a sample of your wedding gown fabric with you to the store, so that the shoe color could match exactly with your wedding dress color. One more thing to pay attention to is a type of embellishments that will be on the gown. If the dress is too lacy or has got embroidery or crystals on it, then combine it with plain looking but still festive shoes. However, if the dress is pretty simple, go for fancy shoes with embellishments, to make the image smarter. 

 Last, but not the least, choose the material of the shoes very accurately. If you want a very rich and a bit funky look, choose leather shoes. If you still wish to look very feminine, get shoes in tender tissue like silk, velvet, satin or lace but make sure it coincide with your wedding gown. And remember that even on a gloomy day, give the woman a pair of sexy high heels that she will like, and all her blues will vanish immediately in the air!

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Ice Goddhez Blog said...

Nice read! My friend is getting married. I'll have her read this.:) I'm sure she'll also love the photos shown - polka dots+ mint! :)


Kendra Alexandra said...

Gorgeous photos!
Your blog is great too, going back to check out past posts now!
Would you like to follow each other on GFC??


! * ♔ ♥... !*~ ღ tokkii autumn 토 끼 가 을 ღ ~*!:♡ ♔ * said...

Looks fantastic, and I love your blog! visit your sweet post and do comment my lattest post , would be great to PLEASE follow me ON GFC oOK ! FOLLOW :) xx

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