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03 September 2012

catching up: tagaytay in june

okay so my last post in july was apologetic for not being able to blog for a month and it contained a promise that i will blog sporadically. it's already september and i'm as sorry as ever. 

not just sorry to my readers (whom i hope are still around) but to myself as well. over the last 2 months, i've let work take over my life. i finally understood why my former manager was always frantic and seemingly all over the place because i've just become her. i've lost any grace  and is constantly overwhelmed with things to do, it's no longer humorous. i started blogging to take a break from work and i should've kept going. this is me, moving forward. 

CATCHING UP: this was the day after bloggers united when my relatives, mildred and i visited tagaytay. it was my first time and i fell completely in love with the place. i wish we didn't have to leave. i imagined myself living the laid back life -- opening up a small cafe with a small collection of my favorite books to read and a little corner where i can sell clothes. oh tagaytay, i hope to see you soon. ♥ ♥ 

chiffon leopard mini-dress - props | black cutout cardigan - bangkok find | pink satchel - props | black tights - metro ayala | black studded belt - props | gold lace-detail necklace - | bangles - borrowed from sis | rings: cross connector and armor ring - downtown finds

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Chyrel Gomez said...

Yey! You're back! Ako nasad sunod! Haha! I want to take a break from blogging too. Work's taking over. It's a cycle I guess.

Love the leopard dress and satchel. Miss you, Gizelle!

MacVB said...

I always look forward to your new posts :)

SunnyToast said...

I'm lover of animal print! love your top!

Ice Goddhez Blog said...

Good for you to have time to catch up with friends. :)

Great dress and bag! :) Love 'em!

Followed you on Google Friend Connect. Hope we can follow each other. :)


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