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16 April 2012

the boys in my life

linen kimono blazer - thrifted | linen culottes - primal rave wholesale | green braided belt - thrifted | animal-printed strappy wedges - people are people, gifted by Harry | necklaces: charm necklace - downtown find, elephant tusk - bangkok find | bangles - downtown finds | horse ring - downtown find

thankfully my mom's visa to Australia got approved and she left on the first week of April to accompany my sister there for 6 months. after everything that has happened, my sister definitely needs all the support she can get. 

it's weird having no one else to talk to at home though, except Harry and my dad. i used to share a bedroom with my sister until she left and right when she did, i'd hang around in my mom's room. thanks to Facetime though, i can still bug my mom and sister any time i want to but it's not the same really. 

so now, for 6 months i'll be the lady of the house --- looking after my dad and my Harry. i've been cooking for two Sundays now and am intent on doing so for the next Sundays to come. and on our Sunday afternoon visits, it will be just us three. a couple of hours of serenity with the afternoon sun and the sunsets right after. 

ps. good thing both of them are very supportive of this blog. in fact, my dad was the one who suggested the location of these shots. (thanks Dad...<3)

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titaz said...

Here's come the lady in the house :)
have a great day :D

Hello from Indonesia,

Unknown said...

ma, patudlo nya kog luto beh! seriously! i need tips jud especially with me and thaad and stuff. bitw, i think its really sweet na your mom is there with boging for that period of a time. she could really use some time off being lonely.

btw, love your outfit here!


Chyrel Gomez said...

apil ko! can i join eden with the cooking lessons?

will pay you a visit real soon! i read your post in the group. =)

Cherie said...

lovin all the neutral pieces and those shoes really go well with them! when my sisters and mom left, i also felt weird not talking to them all the time ^^

E said...

Those bracelets are awesome! Love that sunset, too!

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