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17 December 2011

our sponsors: how we managed to go to Manila

before i do a post on our quick-dinner-before-leaving with the Manila Bloggers, i'd like to first feature our sponsors and the goodies we received from the event. of course, without these amazing sponsors, the Cebu Fashion Bloggers wouldn't have been able to travel to Manila. we are eternally grateful. mind you, these are just a few of them as i've already tucked away or given away some. that's how blessed we were.

Bloggers United loot:
Lorys Hair Cream in Duo Chocolate -- smells so yummy!
Rio Mints in very cool packaging -- i super love them! not only do they taste good, they're very stylish too.
♥ An Ashley's lippie in a cupcake -- very cute!
♥ A few packs of Kotex Luxe -- they're like style items on their own as the pads are lined in floral prints!
Nivea products -- classic and undying staples. 
Accessorize Sunnies -- a timeless shape and shade. Very Audrey Hepburn. 

i would also like to especially thank Multiply for partnering with Bloggers United. their new site is just amazing and super easy for shopaholics like me to shop.

here are the links to the rest of our sponsors:

Bloggers United is in partnership with:
Multiply Philippines (
GMA Kapuso Foundation (
Treston International College (

Event is co-presented by:
Columbia Digital (
Meg Magazine (
When in Manila (
In cooperation with:
Xend Business Solutions (

Special thanks to:

Online Shop Donors:
Shop Dainty (
F-STOP (Fashion Stop) (

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Mom Daughter Style said...

you've got some great stuff! I haven't been in a bloggers event in person, hopefully someday or soon.

Chyrel Gomez said...

who doesn't love freebies. gawd, i wish cebu is as supportive as manila.

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