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06 July 2011

back to regular programming

i know i have been technically MIA for the past 2 weeks. i've been doing blog posts but they were mainly on the launching of my shop's second collection, Furious Rose and nothing else. i have also been way backlogged in replying to comments and visiting other blogs. not only have i been busy with our wholesale business and managing multiple jobs, i honestly have been contemplating as to whether i should continue blogging or not. i have been spending 85% of my time at home these days so there are no outfits to post. i do go out on weekends and dress up but i no longer possess the motivation to take photos of my outfits. i think self-confidence is directly proportional to style blogging. i might just be in a crazy rush these days that i hardly even have time to think about myself. i might go on a blogging hiatus, i might not. we'll see in a couple of days. 

okay, okay so i got a bit dramatic again with what i attempted to post yesterday. honestly, it really is difficult for me to post new outfits. i'm feeling so behind from every one in the style blogosphere. but i have to remember that i started doing this because i love fashion. whether or not i blog regularly, i hope you, my readers, will still stick around.

it is frustrating, when there are so many other related things I'd like to do. i want to learn more about deconstruction and portion play, maybe take classes from the many online fashion merchandising colleges. i need to be continually learning, but today's fast-paced world has made people busier and less willing to commit their time to a traditional classroom degree program. here in the Philippines, most specifically, opportunities are a bit limited. online education might just be the great answer to finally fulfilling dreams. i'll definitely look into this further.

and oooh, about the giveaway --- I'M EXTENDING it until July 20, 2011. i feel i haven't given more information about and didn't give others a chance to join it. please do tell your friends. it is very easy to join. there are a LOT of options to join. *wink*

please visit my online shop -- -- if you haven't yet. 
vibrant florals and prints in chiffon and soft cotton are up for grabs. 
girly-girls gone grunge. 
check out the editorial here.

sheer sleeveless blouse with an embroidered pocket -
floral layered skirt - thrifted
brown oversized cardigan -
brown double braided belt -
khaki crocheted beanie - custom-made by my aunt
lapis lazuli oversized ring - tseng jewelry
owl connector ring - carbon find
oversized charm bracelet - carbon find

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ghoent said...

i love your hair! =)

I hope you don't feel burdened in posting outfit shots in your blog. You're right, just always remind yourself of the things that you love doing. Tsaka, it's your blog! Ze power is yours. hihi. I hope you continue blogging, though, i've only been a follower for a few weeks, would love to see more. =)

Gillian Uang said...

BEANIEEEE <3 I left all my beanies in cebu :(

Gessyl said...

its ok, we'll still be here. hehe and don't feel to pressured with other style bloggers out there oi.

love the print on the skirt. looks vintage!

Natasha said...

I hope you feel inspired again soon, I know the feeling. I really like your t-shirt and cardigan in this outfit, the whole thing looks lovely, and congratulations on the new shop line/opening as well. xxx

Archer said...

oh no don't ever think about closing this blog! i'm one of those who regularly check your posts!

Chyrel Gomez said...

hello gizelle! i felt the same way and i went through this social network diet wherein i blogged less and what have you but no matter what happens, blogging or not. i will always be thankful with my blog. i met a lot of great people and it opened a door of endless possibilities.

People always say that dressing up can change your life, but I’ve never really considered the fact that your life can change the way you dress up. - Ingrid Holm

Lisa said...

I've been MIA too, so you're not alone! It's hard to take the time for posts when so much is going on :P

I always look for your posts, so I'll still read even if you post less!

A Fictional Blog

Pinch of thoughts said...

missing your outfit posts. i too have been so 'tamad' posting outfits, i guess it runs in the family hahaha...glad you're back!

Lia Waroka Putri said...

Your beanie hat is just so adorable! <3

Carma said...

love your accessories giz=)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like your hat

Sweet said...

hello dear...I just missed you in my trip in Cebu but we should be able to hang out here when you get in need a break from all the madness...but then again...all these hard work will be worth it in the end right...just keep on doing what you love and do not feel so exhausted....I feel you when it comes to dressing up but not taking a photo of your outfit hahahhaa...


Aileen Kim said...

i've missed visiting your blog so so bad! Been MIA too from the blogging scene for what seemed like an eternity. Am pretty sure you'd get your blogging mojo back. Have a great day!

LadyNansei said...

Don't worry, I've been basically (as you put it) MIA for a while too, so I understand.

I loved the outfit, beanie, that would definately work right now because my ears are so cold! (and my nose).

I wouldn't mind a post about your shop, I find it interesting ;)

D said...

Very very lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

i love the skirt! :)

Love Simple Green

CL said...

Is it creepy to say you have the most beautiful lips ever? Because, well, you do.

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