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30 December 2010

Vanilla with Orange and Banana in the Tropics! ♥

this is a long overdue post. met up with len david of orange and banana mondays over for lunch at bistro ecila 2 weeks ago and just had a blast chatting over just about anything. i tend to get shy with new people but both our talkativeness totally overcame any shyness or awkwardness. thanks len for meeting up with us. we should definitely get together when you visit Cebu again. 

although i love how it got back on the runway because it gave me a reason to wear one of my favorite pieces of clothing but i've been wearing maxi skirts or dresses more lately as a better alternative to jeans or leggings when i am super lazy to shave my legs. i mean, what girl isn't lazy to shave her legs? or visit a waxing salon. LOL. 

current plans:

  • stay in and watch old romantic comedies or movies -- sweet november, 10 things i hate about you, mad love, 500 days of summer, etc. 
  • visit a charity with my friends this january 2 using the money we earned from the garage sale we had last october
  • go thrift shopping to fill some recently vacated areas of my closet
brown maxi skirt - thrifted
crocheted pink cover-up - thrifted
white tank top - thrifted
beige suede booties - gold dot
necklaces: diamond-shaped pattern - gifted from ivy | fairy - gifted from sis
owl connector ring - carbon find
bangles - carbon finds
brown sunnies - carbon find

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Cherie said...

chic girls with even more chic shoes! and your ring is so adorable :)

Laras Arum said...

you all look so great.
love the way you combined your maxi skirt. you look gorgeous! adore your shoes

ching said...

you girls are fashionable.
have a happy new year gizelle.

L.D. said...

OMG WHAT A CUTE WITTY TITLE! And how yummy sounding, too! Thanks, G! :) It was fun meeting you guys, as in I had a blast! <3

Please let me know if you are visiting Baguio! I super recommend that you guys visit Baguio! :3 I'll tour you around together with my Joey (not a baby kangaroo but a person who I happen to adore and love yuck mushy!!!)


Analisa said...

You are all so stylish! I really love the sweet color palette of your outfit! And haha I have to admit I get lazy sometimes too, maxis and opaque tights come in handy :)

Samm said...

I love the colours that you wear.

With love, Samm

Marta said...

i am in love with this outfit!

happy new year!

ShopGirlXOXO said...

fabulous shoes and ring!
happy new year

S and O said...

That ring is super cool :)
love your glasses too!

roanjean said...

I must be industrious because I'm most of the time in skirts and shorts, especially the past weeks? Hahaha. Pero bitaw, yofak most of the time! :D

Happy Holidays! :)

Vera said...

you girls are gorgeous! and how amazing is that owl ring?? beeeautiful.

cheers to 2011,

LadyNansei said...

I love your outfit in those photos and that ring! I adore owls after reading the Guardians.
And dont worry, I'm also lazy about shaving my legs, I'm also horrible at it too and always end up leaving patches places...

Sweet said...

you girls look fab and hawt...

love love the shoes as always...


Jen HaHA said...

I love this outfit! Now you're Neopolitan ice cream with the strawberry and chocolate :D Love that pale pink! Love maxi skirts. You just look so pretty and feminine.

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

nice ring and heart for your shoes...

Beth said...

The wedges with the maxi skirt are so perfect!

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