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26 December 2010

the best things in life don't come in wrapping paper

♥ merry christmas everyone! ♥ 

i hope all of you had fun and memorable christmases -- whether they be with your immediate family or families you've found in friends. 

mine surely was different this year. for one, we were missing one family member as our little sister is in australia. our christmas decorations were put up a little late and cooking our christmas dinner was different in a sense that we were missing a few ingredients -- in short, we were all over the place. it took my mom and i some time to realize that we should stop being all melodramatic and start moving our asses to make this christmas still memorable even without my baby sister. 

despite the semi-melancholic way we prepared for christmas this year, i still have a LOT to thank for and thinking about those things sure made me smile all throughout the season. 

photo taken behind our office by harry (with my blog pet, armand alforque..LOL)

black and white dress - chatuchak, bangkok
chambray top - thrifted
black tights - metro ayala dept store
black wedges - parisian, sm dept store
necklaces: round engraved - gifted by angelie | angel wings - carbon find
beaded bangle - chatuchak, bangkok
skull bracelet - carbon find
brown sunnies - it park bazaar

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00000 said...

I like the matching chambray top and vest! Happy holidays Gizelle! <3

Lee []

Hazel☺ said...

Merry Christmas! :) I'm sure your lil sis missed you and your family as well :) And hey, there's still next year to make up for this semi-melancholic celeb :)

Lo said...

I love the chambray top with that dress :)

Vera said...

merry christmas to you too, dear! even if it wasn't like usual :)

Lisa said...

Merry Christmas! It was kind of an off holiday for us too. We've been saving for a big Philippines trip :)

A Fictional Blog

emily said...

i love how the chambray top and the dress look together. also love the photos with your blog pet/armand haha.

merry christmas :)

E said...

haha! These photos are great! I love the denim pieces! Merry Christmas!

ching said...

that red pick up truck is cool and so are you guys. :D

Unknown said...

very nice dress!

Isabeau Jane said...

well you dont look a hint of gloom in that fab outfit!

merry christmas love!

The ViXeN's LaiR

Kelly said...

Merry belated Christmas!! :)
And I'm loving the denim you guys are wearing!

<3 Kelly

S and O said...

Great outfit! I love the jacket.
Hope you had a Merry Christmas :D

Analisa said...

I love your matching outfits! Merry belated Christmas!

sbot said...

great photos, the background is awesome!

Following your blog now, hope you'll want to follow mine too : )


Anonymous said...

haha! I love how you're such a chameleon, looking fierce in one pic then totally goofy in another ;)

happy holidays!

ninin of

Le pirate said...

sweet blog :) I love this! Hope you come visit me- im your new follower!

Passports + Prada.

Anonymous said...

Nice outfit, great pictures :)
Happy holidays!

Jeje said...

denim is love <3

Anonymous said...

cute pics! love both of your outfits!
happy new year

Sweet said...

aww cute photos Gizelle and the truck at the back looks awesome for the holiday season...


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