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07 October 2010

posing 101 by armand | after hours

i feel like i have wasted the effort in dressing up for the the past few days because i tend to forget to take outfit shots. i love the late afternoon sunlight and its warm glow so i always plan to take photos by that time but due to the rush at work, before we know it, it's already sun down. and for the past 3 days, sun down has been darker than usual with the consecutive power failures. apparently, our city is running low on electricity supply so they have to do rotational power cut-offs.

this time i made sure that before going home, i do an outfit shot. i simply love this shirt and i got it from the streets of bangkok for only 110 Baht. the doodles are just the perfect creatures and monsters inside my doodle-head. i did pair this shirt with a short floral full skirt but i failed to take a photo of that outfit too. despite not being a fan of my camera's flash, i had no other choice and had to find an interesting spot --- the washroom beside the office's cluttered bookshelf. i had to ask armand to teach me how to pose so that's him demonstrating a pose for me. i tried to imitate it but couldn't resist smiling. do i look like i needed to pee??? haha! my favorite photo is the last one which is directed by my sister charm and mind you, my feet got wet here when i accidentally dipped it in paint wash water...oh the trouble we go through for a good outfit shot!

graphic tee - bangkok night market
denim skirt - thrifted (one of my faves)
grey vest - thrifted
grey flats with zebra-print bow - parisian, sm dept store
stacks of gun-metal bangles - carbon find

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vanessa east said...

i like what you're wearing here, guaps... ganahan ko sa skirt.

dred said...

i am loving the skirt. and the vest is really cute!

and love the messy background too. :)

Pinch of thoughts said...

parang naiimagine ko kung ano pinag gagagawa nyo ni Armand look good in denim skirt Gizelle, cool! Peborit ko din ang denim skirt, all from thrifting din hehehe

Aileen Kim said...

hahaha! yes the things we do to get that perfect shot. Am officially an Armand fan...i need to hire him for future photo sessions as creative director. Am always amazed at how you put your wardrobe together Gizelle. This one's a bit different from the usual dress i see here often, but it is oh-so-you!

Meream said...

Ooohhhh Armand is totally working it. Haha.

And also, there's nothing wrong with your Armand-directed photos :)

Meg said...

You look cute. And smiling is ok!

Cherie said...

love your vest gizelle!

dennica pearl said...

i love the effect of the high waisted skirt combined with the relaxed tshirt look.

you look effortlessly chic!

<3 dennica pearl
- through the eyes of a pearl
- vintage shop

Vera said...

cute tee :) i love dooodles haha.

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Adorable! Loving the bracelets. <3


Kookie B. said...

cute shirt! love the silver vest!

Lloyda said...

love the vest!!!!

Claud said...

Hey, nothin' to worry, the photos came out great! I thought the vignette effect was intentional :)

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