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03 October 2010

not what i expected part one

turns out, i was super late in posting these as i wasn't able to get the photos from armand's camera until the middle of the week. this was during a fashion show / anniversary party we attended for one of our client's, bong's wedding essentials and more...lorymer villareal, our good friend and former cebu young designer's winner and philippines project runway contestant, is currently the in-house designer for the shop. the night was not what i expected not the in the sense that the show didn't go well or that the designs were unfabulous -- because they were and i would love to don the tiered dress for my own wedding (if only i was taller), just that i didn't expect the night to be an intimate dinner with their clients. it was still fun all the same. 

armand and i also visited oxygen's model casting call in penthouse just to check the folks there and yes, as you guessed, it was not what we expected too. we expected a fashion show of some sort or an event filled with activities and stuff but when we got there, it was just a party where everyone was awkwardly standing around. we were there for only 5 minutes then we bailed. armand and i ended up having green tea frozen yogurt at coffee cat -- a perfect way to end an unexpected night. 

tiered leopard dress - pratunam, bangkok
blue oversized blazer - borrowed from sister
navy blue embellished flats - parisian, sm dept store
grey bag - mongkok, hongkong
bangles - carbon find
rings: fox - platinum mall, bangkok | orange howlite - dane's giveaway
leaf necklace - carbon find

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vdcouture said...

i love what you wore, plus that events looks fun!! <3


Meream said...

Oh heeey, didn't we have an ukay date? :D

I say we make that day when you'll give me my shoes our ukay date. So that the boyfriend can properly kill me for buying shoes yet again AND then going thrifting. Haha!

You look chic in your blazered almost-sundress :)

ching said...

things don't go as what we expected it to be but that's okay coz there's always Plan B. haha

Sweet said...

Hands down to Lorymer...he is one of my favorite designers...oh my!!!! can't wait for my wedding hahahah!!!! He also promised me to design one of my gowns...oh dream on Sweet!!!!

I am so proud that we have great and talented people in Cebu...


julianne. said...

love all the dresses in this post.
you look great.<3

Fashion Insanity said...

Nice pics and love the dresses!

Stevia said...

cool leopard dress
and I love the man's suit in the last pic
so vintage yet so modern ;P


Aileen Kim said...

i love the hazy effect of your first two photos...did it come out naturally like that? Anyhoo, life would be too boring if everything would be so predictable right? Seeing lovely bloggers from Cebu such as yourself makes me wish am anywhere near your place...but i love the highlands so much to uproot myself...hahaha. thank gawd for the world wide web. take care sweetie!

L.D. said...

I love love love the dress with the jacket! <3

Abbie♥ said...

the dress is really, really cute! it's so girly but the jacket sorta balanced it, making it look sophisticated. :)

michelle_ said...

i really like your outfit giselle !
you look stunning there !


Onyinye FaFi Obi said...

lovely outfit.
amazing blog.
just stumbled on it.
please check out my blog and follow me

superumi said...

i love the outfit you wore to the event. you look beautiful as always :)

Cherie said...

wow the event looks fun plus that leopard dress is super chic on you!

xo, cherie of xo, cherie of Parade of Dresses

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