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25 October 2010

maxi + stripes = answered questions

i think i'm getting bad at blogging mainly because i've been trying to juggle so many new things in  my life and welp, because when i get home all i want to do is watch TV, 'imortal' to be more specific. i just can't resist john lloyd cruz's good looks.LOL. to those who are not from the philippines or do not follow teleseryes or local tv series, 'imortal' is the pinoy's take on the vampire-wolf craze. it's something between twilight / underworld / anne rice plus the pinoy cheesiness. 

just so you guys won't think that i've totally forgotten about the questions you posted on my last giveaway, i'm going to answer a few right now. here goes:

which one would you prefer most -- stripes, plaid or polka dots? (27chic and tortured artist)
well, for those who have been following my blog for some time now, you would know that i have such a weakness for polka dots. although it's weird saying this because the photos above show me wearing stripes..hehe. 

have you tried wearing neon leggings? (27chic)
as much as i'd like to, no i haven't and i don't think i ever will. constant running and drills from my old football days have developed my legs to be most unforgiving in bright colored pants, what more leggings. but i will be wearing a pair of metallic purple leggings this halloween.*wink*

who is your fashion icon and why? (eelectroCutee and style-haus)
i normally say mary-kate olsen because i just adore her laid-back, boho-chic style but i just recently discovered carine roitfeld (yes, it took me an issue of preview two months ago to appreciate her style) and i am just blown away by her. her style is just chic, slightly disheveled but very smartly done. she dons  embellishments and layers accessories without going to far. i just love how she layers and pairs her clothes. 

what is the major change you had recently? (sweet)
i think most of you know this but i'm going to say it for those who don't --- 2 months ago, i resigned from a high-paying job which was making me unhappy in exchange for a job which pays only half of my last salary but is very close to my interests --- the arts and marketing. 

where do you go thrifting here in Cebu? (alexa luna)
cebu freedom market or carbon is a fail-safe way to thrift although it may be a bit chaotic. you can find vintage dresses, cool shirts, frayed or washed out denim shorts, beautiful scarves from P10 - P70. for a more comfortable environment though, walk around the areas nearing cebu doctor's hospital. they have several air-conditioned spots that sell ukay-ukay from P50 - P280. and when you do plan to go on an ukay trip, tell me so i can go with you.hehe. 

chic in the tropics is holding a CSN giveaway exclusively for US and Canadian readers. go check it out!

 grey striped top - thrifted
grey maxi skirt - thrifted
grey flats - gifted from charm
red studded belt - pratunam, bangkok
cross necklace - borrowed from aimee
rings: studded owl - carbon find | orange howlite - dane's giveaway
gun-metal scales bracelet - tseng accessories

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Anonymous said...

i love love looove this, gizelle! i love everything.. from the top, belt, skirt and accessories! :))

your necklace, i crush! any plans of selling a similar item? let me know!

Meream said...

I love this look! I want to do maxi skirts so badly but I find very long pieces of clothing very annoying.

pinky said...

I love this look! That skirt is rad and you pull it off really well!

I love polka dots too! And I admire you for quitting your previous job. I did that too! Although unlike you, Im still in the process of finding a job that I will love and that I will enjoy. And I care about the money the least too. Yayyy!

Alexa Martin said...

Yessssss, let's go on an ukay trip! Hehe Will tell Miss East. :)

Love your maxi skirt outfit! ^^

ching said...

coool. i go around the cebu doc areas too! :D

Isabeau Jane said...

you make this look so alive! owned it ^^

The ViXeN's LaiR

Blicious said...

love your skirt! so pretty!


I am Khatu said...

love the flowiness f the skirt!

Pinch of thoughts said...

i love your maxiskirt gizelle, and your accessories too! hmmm..let me see if i can carry maxiskirts too hhehe, you're my inspiration!

Kenziefaith said...

No way, no way! I love this outfit!

KF x

E said...

i love how you wore the maxi skirt! simple casual but just gorgeous!

Unknown said...

this outfit is perfect!

i need to wear more maxi skirts. i find myself always remembering that the night before i have a class where maxi skirts are all my professor wears! haha and i wouldn't be caught wearing the same thing! even though she wears it more in the granny sort of way hahaha!

Raez said...

love the look, your skirt is perfect!

xx raez

dred said...

i love your maxi skirt! love the volume. kinda have the same skirt except that mine has stripes.

i love this look on you. :)

Mary Ann said...

i LOVE the top,=) you are so pretty!
oh thanks for dropping by my blog. ^^,

Amanda said...

thanks for commenting!

love the skirt!

Aileen Kim said...

H and I had been wanting to go to Cebu. He fell in love with the city the first time he visited with his he wants to take me there. If we get the time to do so you'd be the first i'd call...we could go to ukay together till our feet hurt.
Aiz's new blog post: Meet Mei Mei

Pam said...

This is so inpspiring! I love the outfit! I've been trying the maxi skirt trend for a while but never with a white skirt. This is lovely <3

sPam of frou-frou

vdcouture said...

that looks awesome <3



lovely outfit!
the last time i went home- i was thirifting at colon too! <3 and got a bagfull of great finds! :)

xx,Missy S

Sweet said...

the outfit is my favorite...and I will love to wear it!!!!

i like the top and your skirt as well Gizelle...ahh those accessories are beautiful pieces!!!

thanks for the wonderful answer my dear!!! mwuah xoxox


michelle_ said...

i like the fact that it's not in black nor in that grunge mode.. its boho and very pretty :)

thanks for dropping by !

Beth said...

This outfit is perfect. I love the flow and the way the fabric drapes. So lovely on you!

Festy said...

wow, cool outfit! I love it!
Have a nice day!


Andee Layne said...

absolutely love this look! effortlessly chic xo

Jing Ocay said...

G!idol na jud tika are so good in mix matching!this is one my favorite outfits of yours!refreshing and it's white,i love.

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