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17 June 2010


i'm in a rut.
have you ever found yourself overly restless and just unconsciously (and consciously) counting the time til' the day ends? i haven't felt like this since i was 12 years old when i couldn't wait to grow up and do amazing things. boy, i didn't picture restlessness as an adult. i thought i would conquer the world. a girl could dream right?

seriously, i've been feeling a little apathetic at work lately. de-motivated. i find myself hating the routine of this industry (BPO) and of this job. i wake up at 6:30 PM, snooze my alarm 3 times, take a bath, come in to work at 8:00 PM and do the same thing everyday. i roll my eyes at the foolishness of the people around me too many times and have had moments where i just sit in my chair, stare at my computer and do nothing. nada. i think i've taken too many bathroom or pantry breaks this week --- like maybe 10 times a day. and this is not me. when i get passionate about a job, i even forget to take breaks and don't mind extending hours for work at all. 

i need a change. don't get me wrong, i am not just complaining here but have actually started doing something to take me out of this rut. i've decided to take a complete career change that will take me away from this BPO industry. possibly a day job --- after 5 years since i graduated college. i don't want to jinx my plans but i do need your support. your prayers. 
here's to hoping. heartily hoping. 

buttoned cotton top - thrifted
puffed-sleeved cardigan - thrifted
jeans - bebe jeans
grey ballet flats - so fab! (a gift from big sis)
faux gold bangles - gifted from india | props
sewing machine necklace - random
enamel rose ring - thrifted at carbon
brown sunnies - thrifted at carbon

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six-twentytwo-onine said...

when i feel like this i always say to my self that everything happens for a reason and a good reason never bad .. its good that you are willing to try new things and you have the courage to get yourself out of the rut... i say do it .

love alisha

Vita said...

i really like your header :)

dred said...

the bolero is too cute.:) you have the same sentiments with my boyfriends. he has been wanting a career change for quite some time now.

vdcouture said...

you look uber cute darl :p and the sewing machine necklace is to die for. i want it want it want itttt :p

Anonymous said...

you have all my support! I know it is not easy to question one's professional changes and even more to act upon iy. I am in time of doubt myself so I can identify

Anonymous said...

i know what you mean. sometimes, it's really hard to live through a routined life. we all need a break eventually. hopefully you get yours!

and i really love that sewing machine pendant!

btw, i changed domains, so if you would relink "kiss my fasshion" as "Style Raiders" that'd be appreciated :D

Jade Purple Brown said...

i love your outfit!

Unknown said...

A career change may be just what you need. I'm sure you enjoy some aspects of your job and have developed a stable work environment there, but you don't feel challenged. Or the others are not fair? It happens a lot in companies. I do wish you the best of luck w/choosing a new career path. You seem like a very ambitious gal with lots of good people around you :) Network a little and before you know it, you won't be counting the minutes away :) Don't feel too bad about your bathroom and breakroom breaks :p I do the same!

Melai said...

gizelle! don't be afraid. everything's a risk (right?). The thought of something unknown is really scary but if you just go for it, good things that you don't expect may just come your way.

I am a working student and I also tried BPO when I was in third year. I get what you mean. :)

change is always a challenge but results always have purpose :)

Style and Soul

Elaine said...

This is super cute. I love the loose blouse with the cardi.

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Kasia W. said...

love the necklace with sewing machine! gorgeous!

ShopGirlXOXO said...

I love that your outfit is mostly thrifted and vey inexpensive but it looks fabulous!

Kara said...

really cute outfit! it reminds me of carrie bradshaw! ;)

Good luck with your future plans! I totally hear you on feeling stuck. I used to always be restless about the future and couldnt wait for time to pass when I should have been enjoying the moment. Good for you for recognizing and making a change! All the best! :)

dotie said...

I know how you feel about being in a rut..hopefully everything will work out for you in the end :)
adore that sewing machine necklace!

eclectic du jour

Books&Jewels said...

u have a lot of great thrifted finds...i wish I could find deals like that!

Unknown said...

love your look gizelle. the cardigan is really pretty. and the necklace is love. :)


PS: My friend and I started a new blog about NYC. There's so much more about this city beyond Carrie Bradshaw's Manolos. You might wanna visit it our blog (and feel free to follow!) :)

Nina said...

Gosh ... Gizelle ... praying. No one should be in a rut about one's job, especially not YOU!

Ali Hval said...

I hope you can get past your restlessness. I feel the same way about wanting to draw and make artsies.. uninspired and it's like I want to push it out and not even think about it. Everything will work out for you, just try try to stay positive. :) on the up side, you look adorable. I love the details of your necklace!

Anonymous said...

i know how you feel, Gizelle.
although mine is a whole lot different, 3 years of joblessness, i know how it is when you get a little too restless and uninspired.
i once mentioned to Eden that this could be the ever cliche quarter life crisis (as she is feeling de-motivated too). well if it is, then good luck to us three :)

you look good, as always!

Aisa.Paxie said...

Loooveee the sweater dear:) Oh, and followed you! Hope you could also drop by my blog and say Hi!:)

Drowning Equilibriums

Amanda said...

Hope you feel better hun. It will all be well in the end. It always is. 'When the going gets tough, the tough gets going' is what they say. Hang in there. your cardi! What an awesome find! I love thrifting. it's the best!

xx, Amanda (Not So Naked)

Cherie said...

my friends are also in the same industry and they complain also of the same thing. i hope you'll be okay soon and if u ever decide on a career change, i really wish you the best :)

T said...

you look adorable and bravo for taking the leap! I got the courage to finally do that back in 2008 after being very burned out in my job - and even though everyone thought I was crazy everything worked itself out and now I run my own business in Greece. I am very proud of you!

Aimee said...

Lovely outfit, I love your sewing machine necklace!


I love these photos.

I think I'm still in this "dream, conquer the world" phase. I don't mind it.

But I hope that all gets better! Keep dreaming, girl! I know this is the BIGGEST CLICHE EVER, but I really believe that IF YOU CAN DREAM IT (and work hard) YOU CAN DO IT!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

À LA MODEST said...

Yeah, I know what you mean! I actually moved away from a family business because it was just keeping me from all the things I'd rather do to earn money. There were hard feelings sadly, but just because you are part of the family, doesn't mean you have to work for them for the rest of your life. Especially with a Filipino family... that gets REALLY personal! lol. So right now, I am doing what my passion is :) It still gets really rough sometimes because it's still work, but hey... pick something you can stand but love most of the time! Good luck!!

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