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06 March 2010

forever thankful


in college, my friends and i were blogging to share more stories of our lives, mainly just to each other. the sentimental and emotional person that i am unconsciously made it to a blog filled with feelings. i eventually stopped blogging in 2006 because i got too busy with work and the dawn of multiply and myspace at that time took more of my web-time than blogging. 
mid-2009, i discovered karla de rass and i was hooked. 
around november 2009, i decided to turn my personal blog into this.
fashion has always been an essential part of my life even when people say it's just vanity. 
my style is the way i express myself and my mood. it's one of my forms of art.
documenting my outfits -- daily and what-not, have pushed me to be more creative with myself.
it has secretly given me the excuse to go beyond boundaries and wear whatever i like.
but staying true to myself, this blog will never be just about fashion but also about my life. 
it will be filled with feelings -- yes, sometimes mushy ones. and rants.
it will be filled with adventures. loves. laughs. heartaches. triumphs.
and i am forever thankful for my 100 followers who have been putting up with me. 
your comments, believe it or not, have made my day in more ways than you can think of.
you have all made this adventure damn worthwhile!

ps. 100 followers give-away will be posted soon! keep posted!
purple and grey floral tent dress - thrifted
black cropped cardigan - thrifted
layered-chains necklace - props (new stocks!)
black faux croc belt - props
suede black peep-toe booties - celine (a gift from harry)
work watch - swatch
sunnies - thrifted at carbon

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Anonymous said...

wishing i could wear spring dresses like you can :D i bet it's really hot in pinas right now. i'm actually jealous.

Anonymous said...

you are the sweetest sweetheart there is, do you know that? i'm glad you blog your fashion and your feelings. your blog is always fun to visit, with plenty of fashion inspiration as well as great reading to boot.

Leah said...

Gizelle, it's great that we get to know more of the real you in your blog. I love reading your thoughts. And I love looking at your outfits too. Happy weekend! xoxo

Isabeau Jane said...

ive always wondered what the term props means.. is that a store? sowe dumbass here.. lol

dotie said...

rockin' boots!!
and really appreciate that your willing to share with us your life stories :)

eclectic du jour

kate maggie said...

I loved this post :) You are just lovely. x

Boutzie' said...

Again another awesome look.
Def. like shades, are they vintage or not?.

The shoes are on point.

The whole look I dig.


HiFashion said...

Pretty dress!
x Leia

vanessa east said...

have a great weekend, gwaps!

oh yeah. i love giveaways! hahaha

vanessa east said...

was it your ssiter's bday yesterday? murag na meet nako sya sa penthouse last night.. hhehee

Vera said...

great floral dress :) congrats on 100 followers - you truly have a great blog hun.

Natalia said...

Gorgeous necklace. Adds just the right amount of edge to an otherwise soft outfit.

Love love.

Anonymous said...

lovely outfit! love those shades on you. you're the sweetest :)

Paint it Black said...

Hi just found your blog and I totally love your style fab dress xoxo

Analisa said...

I agree with what you wrote, I never intended for my blog to be a "fashion blog" but I guess I'm so interested in it that most of my posts became fashion-related haha. I love the print of your dress!

Hillary said...

I love your dress! I'm emotional and sentimental, too! <3

Anonymous said...

love the dress,you look so pretty..


Whoever says blogging is a form of vanity, is pretty close-minded. It's a form of expression! Haha, like you said. (:

xx, Melissa

Raez said...

so pretty! i love that print on you!

xx raez

Dane said...

Thats a gorgeous dress on you.. I cant believe you are a supervisor at a call center, wow. Thats a LOT of work, hats off. Do you go to work in the outfits you wear in your posts? Double hats off.. when I was an agent, it was jeans, tees and flats all the way! x

Stacy said...

I love your dress! And I swear I have the same cardi as you :)

Great job on 100 followers!


Unknown said...

aweeeesome necklace & cardigan. your dress is so spring!!!

X said...

Nice blog.
permission to put on my site?


Mode Junkie said...

LOVE THE LAYERED CHAIN NECKLACES! ;) great look! and yay for the 100 followers!


I am Khatu said...

i'm loving the print.

Jen said...

You look fab. I love to hear the inspiration behind people's blogs. Looking forward to your giveaway!


so cute! congrats on 100 followers. being thankful for little things is something people just don't do enough of, but when you allow yourself to be grateful for even the smallest of things it can bring so much joy into your life! xo.

Anna said...

That asymmetrical dress is a beauty!

Tuesdai Noelle said...


I gave you a fashion award :) Cute dress :)

Marina J. Gonçalves said...

This peep-toe boot is so gorgeous!

Marina G.

Unknown said...

Aww. I love your adorale blogging experience stories. Congrats on your 100 followers!

I love your shoes and your piles of necklaces!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Elisabeth A, Gry J said...

oh, really cute dress!

Nathalie said...

Such a wonderful post. I really like what you are saying. And it is true, blogging makes one even more adventurous because you get to see so many different great styles, etc.
Congrats on 100 followers

megara said...

harry gave you those shoes?! well done, they're simply beautiful!! love the whole outfit!

Krislyn said...

that dress is just perfection! i love the florals!

Xini Björnmamman Does Thailand said...

100 followers is not bad ;).
Nice blog!
Have a wonderful day.
Xini Björnmamman

Unknown said...

i love the uneven hem of this dress! gorgeous!

I am Denise Katipunera

TMFA said...

Love your outfit. the floral dress.

Karishma said...

wow I read what you wrote and it made me think- she echoed all of my thoughts!
yes, fashion is an art!
And yes blogs do help push your creativity!
I love the outfits <3

see you on my blog

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