03 June 2010

summer of one-oh! ocean series: farewell summer!

it was hot, scorching hot. it was filled with laughter. it was cramped with road trips and trips to the beach. it was filled with shopping sprees. but it was quick, so damn quick that i haven't gotten enough of it.

goodbye summer!
i'll see you in 2011...

on charm (my big sister):
blue embroidered kaftan - from bangkok
aviator sunnies - from hongkong

on me:
blue floral tube dress - a gift from goring
floral scarf as bandana - thrifted in sindangan
brown sunnies - thrifted in carbon
bangles - props | random | gifted

on aimee (my lil' sister):
floral dress - thrifted
yellow sunnies - thrifted in carbon

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cherie said...

hi giselle! the hint of blue waters gives me summer fever. here in the north, it's always raining na. love your dresses :)

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

your dress is sooo cute :)
love your sunglasses too
check out my blog if you don't mind


Anonymous said...

Love this post, as always you make me want to be in the Philippines! Thank you so much for the comments on my blog, I really appreciate them.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + + + + + + + + + +
+ + + + + + + + + + + +

michelle_ said...

you all look lovely giselle !
i love the different sunnies you guys have on :) :)

kristiyana shinta said...

you look so cheerful,,
and summer gonna miss you babe,, :)

hve a nice day :)

kot-itsa said...


fashionstoned said...

Great picturess!!! and love the dresses

Dane said...

Is it raining in Cebu?? I cant wait! Summer was much too long for me this year, haha.

You three are so adorable!


Anonymous said...

I really left a lot of memories during my summer vacation in Cebu...but sad to say, I was not able to make use of the time going to the beaches in the island...oh well....I feel fine already looking at your pictures and how you had fun...you and your sister look alike with great taste in fashion Gizelle....

take care
much love,

DaMnViXeN said...

i love your little sis aura so bright and sunny.. i bet she's a handful ;)

the allure of your lips is classic ^^

The ViXeN's LaiR

Audrey Allure said...

Great pictures, love the sunglasses :) Glad you had an amazing summer!

Karolina said...

You look so great together :).
I don't even start summer, and you just end it, it's really funny for me :D
kisses hun


Gorgeous pictures...i like your look...great post!

Anonymous said...

omg you and your younger sister look so alike! you girls are too cute

projectvee said...

all of you are so prettty :)
love the summery feel.
is your summer over already?? mine has barely started.. haha.

dred said...

you are a fashionable bunch. love your dress! xx


ANN said...

Aww your summer is over?! Mine hasn't even started yet, haha. I love all your sunglasses!

Meream said...

Your li'l sister looks oddly familier.

Aren't you glad the rainy season is ALMOST here. :D

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! :D

The Big Bangs Theory said...

damn right summer was so quick! :| haha.
lovely photos! and the last one's so funny :)


Pia said...

you girls look so adorable and so stylish :0)

Mariel said...

Cute sunnies all around!

Aimee said...

i love the first pic, all your sunnies :D

Anonymous said...

i totally love all your beach photos!
phillipines has got many cool beaches, no?

Castor Pollux

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

AWW. I love these photos! You sisters look so alike!

Hope you had a fantastic summer! (By the looks of it, I would definitely think so!) I'm so excited that I'll FINALLY be saying hi to mine soon!

(Enough exclamation marks?! I suppose your blog makes me happy!!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Raez said...

you girls are so adorable. love how smiley and summery everyone is:)

xx raez

Fashion Nicotine said...

Thank you =)
Cute pictures!! Where were you when those pictures were taken, it looks so beautiful!! Ultimate summer feeling!


I love your sunglasses, big love to the yellow ones! http://agnesstyle.blogspot.com hugs!!

vdcouture said...

you sure are having so much fun! love your outfit. and it's so nice having all the fun in your lovely sisterly hood :p
love, vdcouture

Krislyn said...

i love it! you guys look so cute. the beach = summer = yay.

Sonya said...

You all look so cute! I love how tropical is looks there.


heart charlie said...

You ladies look simply ADORABLE! I love all the pretty dresses, pretty tans, and pretty smiles!! Summer here is just about to getting really hot! Can't wait to break out my pretty dresses too :)

Vio said...

love your picts!! and your glasses

princesspolitico said...

aw! so sad that summer is just ending over there... you all look charming in these photos... so happy and peaceful :)


Victoria-H said...

love the pictures !! So much summer of it ! :P

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