02 June 2010

summer of one-oh! ocean series: dry and salty

the beach was too beautiful to pass up. it was sunday and the workers were not there destroying the sea wall with their loud drills. it was peaceful. the water was blue and the sand as white and fine as ever (yeah yeah, not as fine as boracay's sugary sand but still beautiful). but before hitting the waters, my mom, dad, his friends and i decided to ride up to the main town of bantayan to buy some of the island's famous dried fish. i don't know in other countries, but here in the Philippines, we can live off on dried fish and rice, matched with tomatoes and maybe, onions. bantayan had a separate market for dried fishes alone and they even had dried squid. we also bought a bottle of 'ginamos' which is  salted, fermented fish and guess what, some caviar for only P60 a pack. woah! couldn't wait to try it when we get back home.

upon getting back, we had lunch at a small 'carenderia' -- a very small eatery by local people, bringing along the crabs and rock lobsters my dad bought early in the morning. eating at a 'carenderia' is the best and cheapest way to get good local food when you're in places like this. no etiquette to observe and no utensils needed either. we dug our hands into the crabs and lobsters, paired with native noodles (pancit) and some tomatoes and onions. yum! the best lunch ever! 

ps. those are aimee's yellow polka dotted toenails. insane! LOL.

floral maxi dress - thrifted
black and white bikini - props
tan leather bag - thrifted at baguio
blue and brown flip-flops - havaianas
blue polka scarf as bandana - thrifted at sindangan
bangles - props | gifted | random

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dred said...

wow,that dress is a great find! and i'm drooling over the buwad. i love dried fish so much! xx


Rainy Days and Lattes said...

The maxi dress looks great on you!! :) You thrift the best things :D

Anonymous said...

I wish I was back in Cebu, these are great photos.

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Melai Entuna said...

gizelleeeee!! love love love love love love your dress :) gaaahd?! trifted?! I want!

alyssa said...

lovely lovely dress! you are totally working it. omg! even that little picture of beach makes me want to fly over to the philippines right now.

kristiyana shinta said...

beautiful dress,,
so ready for summer time costume,,

I also like to eat dried fish,, but in indonesia it called "ikan asin" hahhah you have to try indonesian food :)

visit me :)

Denise said...

wow!everything in your post are so drooling! I like the maxi dress, your bag, the color of your nails, the dried fish (yummylicious!), and the sand! How I miss the beach!

What's her online store? hmmm can you give me tips on how to host a giveaway promo on my blog?

dotie said...

reading you write about seafood makes me crave some now :)
pretty dress <3<3<3

eclectic du jour

Jing said...

you are so pretty with that maxi dress, gizelle!and wa ko katoo nga thrifted na!amazing find dai. I love your nail polish too.^=^

Anonymous said...

I love the maxi Gizelle, it sure looks you are having fun...take care and enjoy the sun...

much love,

Anonymous said...

love the maxi dress, and cute nail art.

The Big Bangs Theory said...

The whole outfit looks so nice and breezy! I miss summer so much already!!!


Kara said...

another perfect summer maxi! so jealous! :)

cherie said...

i suddenly went hungry at the sight of dried fish! i guess it's a filipino thing hehe. the second photo looks like the road to a beach i go to in la union.

love the dress! your summer pictures are gorgeous

WeShop said...

Adorable dress and lovely photos. xx

princesspolitico said...

those nails are something crazy! i love how whimsical they are... your dress is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and sooooooo perfect for a day lounging around at the beach. sounds like you had a fantastic time - you look GREAT!


emily viveur said...

the dress is lovely, so perfect for the beach...and i love your nails!

Lee said...

The maxi dress is beautiful! It looks good on you dear. I wish I'm a few inches taller, I'm too short to wear a maxi dress :D

Nice photos! I especially like the 5th & 7th <3

Lee [spunkandglam.blogspot.com]

SheWearSheShares said...

hot nail art!!!!

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like your long dress and nail art

Glamarazzi said...

I recognize that market with my eyes closed! Heheh! love Bantayan. The shoulder bag and the headband did the whole look. Your hair is the best accessory! :)

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