28 June 2010

stepping into the light

no i'm not sad in these photos. i'm sleepy and very full from our big breakfast this morning. harry and i like to just sleep-in on weekends and this is one of them. just a post-birthday celebration and also to celebrate our 29th month together as a couple. this pale green dress is one of my favorites. it has seen me through chubby and fat days because of the elastic waist. i am happy to report that i had to cinch the belt so much that i had to fold it at the sides. the dressed used to be a bohemian maxi dress but i had my dad cut it short --- just like he did on all my other dresses. i loved it as a maxi dress but felt that it cut me shorter because of its full skirt. 

so here's my weekend: brownie cheesecake and hours of talking with karen, browsing through books i can't afford at fully booked especially now that i'm saving for my unemployed days, dvd shopping --- grey's anatomy season 6, the runaways and she's out of my league; slept in the clothes i wore out and make-up when i got home -- which made me feel like crap because i don't like feeling dirty in the middle of my sleep; lots of channel surfing with harry on sunday afternoon, a night with a polka-dotted ribbon, a donut twist and almond snickers bar at 4 in the morning and lots and lots of sleep.

pale green boho dress - thrifted
silver braided belt - random
long watch necklace - hongkong
silver cuffs - thrifted at carbon

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Great pics :D

I love the colour of your dress!


Balkan Couture

Anonymous said...

That sounds like the best weekend, I looooove sleep.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

cherie said...

i love the light in these photos, you look so poignant and pretty :)

p.s. yes baguio is quite near from where i live. just a quick two hour drive. i was also born there so i have an affinity to the place, i think :) if you ever go then i'll show you around! hehe.

FashionHippieLoves said...

lovely dress


Mom Daughter Style said...

i love weekends!

nice green dress.

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

nice dress!!
and your shoes on your previous post are super cool!!!
check out my laetst post :)


Anonymous said...

Yay can't wait to receive the package:)
Love the pale green dress, and short skirts always rule ;) xx

Eunice said...

I've missed your blog! your dress looks so lovely on you. that colour is gorgeous :)
i love lazy weekends too, unfortunately we always end up packing it up with all sorts of plans ;P


DaMnViXeN said...

i love that belt!

Maddalena said...

Love the color of the dress! Too bad the pictures are a bit dark!

projectvee said...

that's a lovely dress. pretty colour :)
your weekend sounds absolutely amaaazing.

m.fay said...

Love that dress. Great post!
Please stop by and say hi. xo

Dailee Dose said...

I really love that dress, the color is great. My fiance and I love to sleep in on weekends too - we are definitely not early birds.

dred said...

good thing you're filling in your sleep debt. :)

love your green dress. and love the dramatic lighting in your photos. xx


Lee said...

I love your dress! And the photos are beautiful, i love the dramatic effect <3

Lee [ spunk and glam ]

Anonymous said...

Hey! thanks for commenting on my blog. Nice outfit and beautiful photos! :) oooh~ donut twist and almond snickers! :P

Lex said...

This dress is such a beautiful color. I love the neckline. The length looks great, I love maxi dresses but i can understand they can feel like they are taking over sometimes.

-My surgery is for reconstructing my ACL as well. If you have any other fashion tips i would love to hear them.

Take Care

à la Modest said...

That sounds like an awesome weekend... Anything with lots of sleep. :) I am guessing the Bohemian look is still big in the Philippines? My sister-in-law is very much into that look nowadays.

Anonymous said...

cute dress! the natural shadow effect looks great on the pics :D

Castor Pollux

Melissa said...

cute dress, love it!

Ajenda said...

Love the look. Something about the tomboy look mixed with the studded ballet fats really makes me fall in love!


Anonymous said...

yeheey!!!! you can relax now as much as you can...why don't you download movies to save you time in DVD shopping...

I can't wait for your vacation here, and yes there are still sales going on...you can check out the bigs malls around...love the color of the dress

thanks for your comment Gizelle...

take care love

Mode Junkie said...

your weekend sounded FUN! ;) i hate sleepin in with my makeup too. but sometimes i´m just too tired to be bothered by it. LOL
love this dress babe. it accents your gorgeous tan!

xoxo Mode Junkie

Sonya said...

I definitely love the color of the dress a lot! And a brownie cheesecake sounds really perfect right about now..


Brittany & Cassie said...

I LOVE the first photo !

great blog <3

xoxo, Cassie

princesspolitico said...

these photos are marvelous! the lighting is purely beautiful...


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