10 June 2010

slow addiction

as a teen, i could never understand my big sister's addiction to shoes. it was unfathomable to me how she can spend huge sums of money on shoes when all you need is one pair of sandals, a pair of closed shoes, rubber shoes for playing sports and slippers. there was a point in my life where i would wear slippers everywhere when i was off work. i just needed to be comfortable. oh, i was so damn wrong!

i thought about writing this because last week, while i was working and typing away at my computer, i suddenly thought about shoes and it made me feel better. i come in an hour earlier than everyone else at work (no, i'm not a goody two-shoes girl -- my shift calls me to do so..haha!) and i suddenly thought about the vintage rose heels i saw at CMG and i wanted to abandon work and cross the street to ayala mall and just buy a pair. i am saving for our bangkok trip so of course i couldn't buy it but just the thought of doing so made me smile. 

so now, i don't just need 4 pairs of footwear...i need 2 pairs of each classic color (tan, brown, white, black and grey -- one for casual outfits (like cut-out heels or gladiator heels) and a closed-one (maybe a peep-toe one) for when i like to dress-up. i also need several pairs of colored ballet flats (probably with rhinestones or studs or in animal print) and studded, beaded or fringed sandals. i still kept all my havaianas slippers as i still do adore them.

what apparel are you finding yourself addicted to these days?

white embroidered boho top - thrifted (my mom's)
boyfriend jeans - abercrombie vintage (my mom's too!)
black platform heels - forever 21
gun-metal silver cuffs - props
sea shell chandelier earrings - random
brown sunnies - thrifted at carbon

thanks tuesdai for the feature! check out her blog for lots of inspiration, funny stories and very interesting random thoughts.

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Gela said...

here, here, fellow shoeaholic! i say one can never have too many shoes!


boat ride through the sky

Victoria-H said...

oo soooo cooool !!

Elaine said...

You look fabulous! I love those shoes on you!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Eden said...

hon, your shoe collection is lovely! and very classic and timeless, like your style. gnahan ko. those f21 platforms are fabuloso. good luck saving for bangkok! di na ta sigeg shop oi hehe.:)


kristiyana shinta said...

great collection dear :)

michelle_ said...

those boots are fierce !
they work well with the rolled up pants !


Anonymous said...

Nice shooooe collection:-)) yours boots are hot! F21 do good shoes don't they - I never realized, only a few months ago, that they actually had shoes!!!

Jing said...

amazing collection!!!suya ko to the maxxx dai!

Anonymous said...

I completly understand the feeling!!! I am also addicted to shoes. sometimes purses replace it but never long. it is like cravings....
I love the ones you are wearibng


Martwa Marta said...

lovely look - simple but chic!

cherie said...

i love all your shoes!! nako, le boyf will answer the question for you, shoe addict rin ako :)


I love those shoes! Gorgeous!

Kara said...

this outfit is so chic! Casual, but you dress it up so nicely with your attitude, and shoes of course!

haha, I am so like you with the shoes! My boyfriend helped me move this past April and couldn't understand why I need 3 pairs of black boots, not to mention the countless pairs of pumps! I'm starting to become a bit more sensible in purchasing shoes for more everyday wear (neutrals, tan, black) but i think it only makes me want more! :)

eunice said...

oh wow your shoe collection, swoon!!

I love shoes too but I always limit myself to kitten heels because I feel like a giant in tall heels!


Fashion By He said...

HOT outfit, love those heels! you look amazing

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think


Anonymous said...

ah-dorable heels!

Castor Pollux

♥gixxy said...


Jen said...

i love this simple, casual, yet chic look on you! and my obsession with shoes has only started recently...it's probably ever since i started up this blog.

WeShop said...

I'm getting really addicted to anything with lace in it. xx

projectvee said...

shoes, agreed <3
i love your collection!

cherie said...

hi gizelle! i'll send you an email regarding the kota kinabalu trip :)

Sharina said...

I love your outfit and those are awesome shoes! I love the collection you have there :)

.sabo skirt. said...

absolutely loving your heels.. you have great sytle =)

stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it =)

xx .sabo skirt.


Ni@ said...

There is no such thing as having to many shoes! ;)
But sometimes you need something more than a pair of shoes, and that's when you have to resist.
I love those cream peeptoes on the right!

Anonymous said...

awww....love the ongoing collection of shoes...great taste Gizelle....

take care


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