25 January 2010



phew! my weekend was action packed! i didn't get to laze around just like what jen likes of her sundays.

so...here's my new hair. sported these many layers about 2 years ago and i just couldn't replicate them not even when i went to the same hair dresser who did it in the first place. it's frustrating having curly hair sometimes. hair salons are just afraid to mess with them and they immediately suggest getting it straight which i hate because i love my hair. and believe me, i've tried having straight hair for a day, it bored me to death. i don't stand out at all.  as it turns out, our manicurist studied hair styling a few years back when she used to work at a salon and when i asked her to cut my hair, she happily obliged. she comes to our house every two weeks to get our nails done and when she did my hair, she was using kitchen scissors...haha!

aside from my new hair, i am very much overwhelmed by the number of visits i got over the weekend and the humongous amount of comments too! thank you so much from the bottom of my heart... all your comments really made me smile. it totally made up for all the frustrations at work. *sigh*

what i did over the weekend: cooked harry dinner at his place | read 'lion among men' | did listen to 'the honorary title' | watched legion | attended mass | had dinner with friends | went to the wake of a friend's father | had dessert at dong juan | and wished i had a massage..haha!

boho top - thrifted
black shorts - zara (thrifted too!)
black tank top - dorothy perkins (sister's closet)
beaded sandals - DIY (beads from an old people are people sandals + finickee)
black bag - lil' sister's (notice how she more bags than me?)
bangles - props + aunt's gift
rings - props

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Nina said...

Hi Gizelle! The new cut suits you. Flirty but still sweet! I love that top you're wearing! Where on earth do you thrift? I have not done this thrifting business and I'm dying to!

betz said...

Gizelle, your hair is so pretty. i love curly hair! maybe because mine is straight? tao nga naman. and oh, how i love your boho top! it's beyond gorgeous!


Andy Tan said...

What a pretty hair! Love!


DIANA DYE said...

Hi darling the movie is called “Failure to launch” I think it’s called like that not sure but I think it is hahaha!! you look amazing with this outfit! want to know what I love about it? it’s the simplicity of it all it’s so simple but you look great and am am sooooo following hahah! thanks for the lovely comment love the blog!

megara said...

i lovey your hair. please give me hair tips! what a darling outfit. looking so chic and springy.

:) hope you had a wonderful weekend.


princesspolitico said...

you are just BEAUTIFUL! your hair looks great in these photos. love your curly hair - mine is so straight :/

did you like 'legion'?


Russel Capatoy said...

pai... i ibaligya na lang imo buhok... nahan sila kaau... hehehe...

Jen said...

you look absolutely GORGEOUS with your new hair cut! i've always wanted short curly hair for a week. and that thrifted top looks amazing on you, seriously. this has got to be one of my favorite looks of yours so far. :)

you weekend sounds like fun and also very productive. glad to hear you're getting a lot more visits to your blog!

Anonymous said...

i love your new hair Gizelle!
i want side bangs pro akong baby hair?? kaloka! i've been dying to get a digital perm pro my hair is short pa. boo :s
where do u usually go thrifting? we dont have much shops here in lapu-lapu :s

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hi Gizelle!

Straighting hair can be a job, but I always try and focus my mind to the ending of the project...:O), it helps. You don't have anything to worry about, your hair is pretty and healthy! And if there was a way I could steal that shirt from my computer screen I would....it's SO CUTE!!!! I look styles that are effortless when it comes to trendy :) Bye :)

The F Word Online said...

okay so i just posted a post on something i thrifted (i dont thrift nearly as often as i want to) but you are hands down thrift queen. what the heck ! i never find stuff liek that when i thrift. love the babydoll, its so cute

xx lue

Jeje said...

Awesome top and lovely hair Gizelle :)


fadetoblack said...

thanks for your lovely comment!

im following you too :)

Elaine said...

You look so pretty and summery! I love it!


Eden said...

geng i love the boho top! i like the boho look on you jud lagi. you seem so free spirited man gud. this look reminds me of a House of Harlow accessory. love!

btw, angayan ka wiht the hair. love x2.

oh and i've got a giveaway, you might wanna check that out!


Denise said...

love the top.

I am Denise Katipunera

♫♥Oana Roxana♥♫ said...

Nice haircut!Is that so hot there? God,I'm freezing here!

anna bu said...

superlovely, great look!


Style Bird said...

Great outfit...love the photos! So pretty!

Jess said...

i love the new haircut! so perfect as the weather gets warmer :) haha and don't worry, i've been trimming my own hair for awhile now and i totally just use kitchen shearers

Stacy said...

love the shirt and bangles! and sweet find on the short


Vita said...

so fresh pics, love theme :)

Jen said...

I may have been lazing around all weekend but I didn't look half as fabulous as you! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Eri said...

Hello there,

Your blog is really nice, I am glad I came across it.

Please have a look at my page too.

See you soon.

iamhaidrofilik said...

mmmm i think we went to the same school, usc-tc. tehehe cool blog. :)


Sonya said...

I love your hair! Cute outfit!


Allie said...

Love your hair! And seriously, how cute are you!

heart charlie said...

These photos are wonderful, bright, refreshing, and stylish! You have the most adorable smile I have ever seen ;)

Anonymous said...

love this look
chic and awesome
great blog
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for your sweet comment, i really do appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

congrats to the number of hits over the weekend -- that's great stress! also, you hair style is ADORABLE.

Nathalie said...

Wow, I really adore your tunic. The pattern is so light and beautiful

kirstyb said...

loving that top xox

Kass said...

Your new hair cut looks great on you. you are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! love your new hair !

Chicisimo said...

I agree with the others... Your hair is great and it looks great :D!

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