23 January 2010

don't disturb the neighbor

presenting...harry. the man behind the camera. i have other shots of him but they were too goofy!
so the gate is not even ours. it's our neighbor's. i've always found the color interesting and it has always been my favorite shade of blue. he was trying to tell me to look candid and just move around but i was too conscious, thinking of the neighbors..haha!

this has been a hard week at work. i swear, i'll soon get a heart attack because i keep breathing in my frustration and anger. i'm a very loud person and i sometimes can't notice my volume. but due to constant feedback, i am trying my best to hold it all in. so these days, i've been keeping my voice soft. and trying to calmly tell someone that they messed up and should start pulling their act together. i'd take a deep breath and slowly answer a very annoying question. i think my sarcasm still shows with my eyebrows though. they are very expressive. my closest friends once laughed at the thought of imagining me as a team lead and how i'd roll my eyes. i tend to do so when i'm annoyed...LOL.

i'm really looking forward to just unwinding this weekend. will be reading 'lion among men'-- the 3rd book by gregory mcguire, listening to 'the honorary title', 'the nationals' and 'regina spektor' over and over again. and will definitely get some more zzzzz's....

lace top - thrifted | skinny jeans - chillypapa | brown suede shoes with rhinestone details - celine | 
vintage car necklace - thrifted at manalili | rings - props

and before i forget, nina of ballerina's closet obsession gave me this award -- happy 101. i am supposed to list down ten things that make me happy and forward this award to 10 stylistas. so what makes me smile?
  • my family. my mom. dad. my best friends -- sisters: aimee and charm.
  • h-a-r-r-y. and his goofy antics. 
  • thrifting. and the thought of finding unique and incomparable clothes!
  • that song that is forever linked to a memory -- ie. 'folding chair' by regina spektor will always remind me of that double decker bus trip from ocean park to the train station.
  • vanilla ice cream. it's my college drug. sometimes my friend and i would cut class just to eat vanilla ice cream at mcdonald's. stupid but really made a difference then.
  • flag football...or the memories i've had of it. 
  • the beach  -- the sand on my toes. the smell of coppertone.the salt on my hair.
  • new comments from my new friends in this blog. reading all your comments really makes my day!
  • our dogs -- snickers the dachsund puppy, cooper the golden retriever and chloe the jack russell terrier.
  • pizza. any kind. any restaurant. even mom's pizza...haha!
so i give this award to: toni of perfumed red shoes, my good friend deanne of one step at a time, kate maggie of postcards from..., jen of jennifhsieh, eden of chic in the tropics, leah of leah taas in focus, megara of fresh brownies, katrina of pugly pixel, julia of the song of the exile and eunice of hey fancy pants.

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Anonymous said...

you strike me as the cool and spunky type. i knew it!! :D

congratulations on your award -- truly well deserved!! and, thanks for passing it on to me, too. i am honored -- thank you!!!

dotie said...

you sure did a great job thrifting..that lace top is lovely!!
congrats on the award :)

eclectic du jour

Vinda Sonata said...

the overall combination looks great and comfortable to wear in sunny days. i really like breezy tops such as yours. how lovely!

congratulations on the award too, gizelle :) thank you for your lovely comments in my blog too. you really keep me spirited!

p.s. i really like your naturally curly hair.

Jen said...

awwww thanks for the award gizelle :)
i love your little facts, and ahh the beach always makes me happy too no matter what.
btw that shirt of yours is gorgeous! i can't get over all the little details. and that automobile/clock necklace is adorable as well. so vintage looking! :D

Russel Capatoy said...

hahaha... when you said vanity, i thought it was an understatement... hehehe...

Mila said...

Great shoes and jeans!!

Leah said...

Parang nahihiya ang photographer mo. hehehe! I love your top and your necklace Gizelle. Unique ang pendant.

Congrats on the award and thanks for sharing it with me. xoxo

Pixie Dust said...

Congrats on the award :)) I just found your blog and I am really happy that I have - I love it :))
If you have the time, have a look at mine :)) (oooo, it rhymes :D )
Have a wonderful day xxx

DaMnViXeN said...

is that a functional clock? hmm i want one..

Velire said...

your lace top, i am like lusting over it. Hahaha. Your outfit is so cute. I'd definitely do something like that. :) And oh. the necklace! Cute! :D

Great blog. Am lovin' it so I added you on my blogroll :D

Hanae said...

you look so gorgeous&cute! nice accessories and cute smile!!!

AudreyAllure said...

such a beautful white top :) & congrats on the award!

Pixie Dust said...

Following right back :))
I also like the 1st one the most. Maybe cos it doesn't look like me :D Hahah, oh well :) I will certainly be checking back to your blog.. How about exchanging links and adding each other to our blogrolls? :)

Pixie Dust said...

Yes youre in my blogroll as well now :)) Yipee :))

Jing said...

korek. thrifted clothes are unique and incomparable jud!
congrats on the award!
i love the lace top and the necklace!
ayuayu gizelle! =)

DIANA DYE said...

oh god this shirt is soooo amazing its so light and funn and so cute!! it has so much Details it’s hard to find shirts like this trust me I’ve tried hahaha!! and the necklace just add class to it it’s so chic your blog is so cute I really love it! thanks for the lovely comment darling!

toxic disco boy said...

the lace top looks amazing and almost like a filipiniana. ganda!

Diya said...

that's a GORGEOUS cream lace top... I never feel like I buy enough of those.

I've recently started a fashion blog and would LOVE it if you checked it out/exchanged links with me. :)


Rachel C. said...

your top is so pretty.

how exciting that you've been practicing braids! i can't wait to see.


Tuesdai Noelle said...

Really cute blouse :) Happy weekend :)

MyStrawberryCocktail said...

im absoluetly in love with your style! great outfit girl!!! love the car-watch, soo cute :)

Pia said...

gorgeous! this makes me miss the philippines :)

Anonymous said...

The lace is beautiful, and what a funky watch necklace!

p.s enter my jewelry giveaway!


Christina said...

I'm so jealous of that thrifted lace top! What a lucky find!

(always)alanna said...

love the lace- stunningggg necklace
and gorgeouss blogg; will definitely be back again SOON!

betz said...

i'm in love with your necklace!!!! super! and i love how you paired with a vintage lace top. so perfect!!!! congrats on the award Gizelle. More awards to come!


Thu Hien Nguyen said...

You look so cute girl!

xoxo, thn

superumi said...

Hi dear,

I've linked you on my blog.
Hope to see mine soon :)


G&M said...

the top is adorable

Sonya said...

Such a pretty top! The necklace is AWESOME, too.


Jeje said...

Lace <3 Love this outfit. :) And your photographer is shyyyy. Hehe! But at least you have someone to take photos of you.


Gizelle said...

to everyone: haha, my photographer is not shy at all..he had other goofy images that i did not post...LOL.

Mom Daughter Style said...

the blue gate makes a good background. thanks for sharing a photo of your photographer. i really like that white top.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Pretty necklace!

eunice said...

aww thanks sweetheart!! I just got back from NZ and was pleasantly surprised by your nice comments and blog award! I'll get round to passing the award in my next post, thanks again! :)

p.s: you look so adorable in white lace!

candybox said...

I love your necklace! :D It's so cute!


sharonlei said...

Congrats on the award!! :)

That's a great top, it reminds me of a barong. :)

Love & Aloha,


megara said...

thank you SOOO much! that really meant a lot to me! i love your lace shirt, and i really love your necklace. This is a great outfit. I listed the ten things that make me happy already! have a wonderful weekend!


♫♥Oana Roxana♥♫ said...

The vintage car necklace is adorable!

Miss Woody said...

wonderful laced top!
i love your name !

Kass said...

Your whole outfit is adorable.
I love your top and necklace!

I'm sorry about your frustrations, I hope it will get easier for you =]

Jen said...

Your necklace is so amazing. What a great piece!

I'm very similar at work - constantly trying to keep control! It's hard. And I think the way I roll my eyes gives away my sarcastic nature! :)

Anonymous said...

i am sooo in love with your lace top Gizelle! i can never find pieces like that in the ukay.. :s always late gud ko haha!

oh wowww! my very first award! thanks a lot Gizelle! will post sumthing up real soon. been busy with my little girl lately hence the lack of posts ;)

Phyllis said...

what a cute necklace! your blouse is so pretty too

kirstyb said...

love that top xoxoox

Eden said...

love! magbisaya ko ha! heheh. salamat kaayo sa award. as in feel kay nako nga i'm fully back blogging na jud. haha. of course deserving ka. the look is great on you! cheerful kaayo purag ikaw.:)

btw nagkita ming aimee sa penthouse pag.. friday? or saturday ba to? hahaha. don't think karemember siya nga nagkita mi kay purag nahubog na jud ug light.. hahaha...

btw, magpagiveaway ko just for us here sa pinas. join jud ha?


Eden said...

bitw in case wa ka kanotice, i became your follower na!:) hope you could follow me right back kay its part of my contest mechanics pud. hehehhe.


Lemon for breakfast said...

Wow!! I really like your necklace! It looks so cute!! :)

Romy said...

stunning top! love it :)

The Petite Blog said...

love ur top.. very vintage feeling to it!

xoxo jenna


sharonlei said...

Hi Gizelle!! Yes, I'm Filipino. I was acutally born there, but we moved to Hawaii when I was just three. :) I haven't been back for a visit since, but hope to soon. I would love to see where I was born.

Hope you're having a beatiful day!

Love & Aloha,


deanne said...

weeee an award. so sweet of you. thanks thanks!

congratz on the award too. you truly deserve it ;)

i miss thrifting a lot :( hard to find one in here. i wish i can do that more often like you do.

blackberry said...

loves your blouse really!

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