07 April 2011

no to dress codes

one of the perks of working in a design company is the freedom to dress in what we're comfortable in, the freedom to express ourselves. of course, partial nudity is not allowed --- that would be insane as we have to meet clients..haha! but still, we don't have to wear rigid business casual clothes like blazers, non-denim trousers but can wear clothes with breathable materials and even shorts. breathable clothes are really important these days because as summer arrives, so does the scorching heat. scorching meaning there is not a cold moment inside my air-conditioned car in the 15-minute drive i make to work to every morning. the heat is ridiculous and it will become more insane as summer deepens. 

printed tunic - mom's closet (thrifted)
denim shorts - props
studded wedge booties - shopyapi.com
layered necklaces - carbon finds
brass oversized carved cuff - shopyapi.com
rings: armor ring | oversized blue stone - carbon finds

i want to thank everyone for checking out my shop: www.shopyapi.com especially to the ones who've already purchased a few items. the shop can be overwhelming but deciding on what to purchase isn't too difficult as the shop has a 'shop outfits' page where you can check out how an item can be styled. every item also has a styling suggestion -- just to give you a picture of how you can rock that Yapi item.

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Jen HaHA said...

I can't view your shop on my phone and Flash is messed up on our home desktop, so I'll have to peek on my break at work when I'm not home with a sick child.

Please send us some sunshine!
Come check out my A-to-Z!

Elaine said...

Gorgeous! Love your jewelry.

Nina said...

love the look! hyped! :)

Roan said...

My intarnets is so slow kaya matagal din magload ang site mo. I hate Smart haha.

Anonymous said...


You look so cute!!!

Love the booties too :) :) :)

Melai said...

I'm really happy for your shop gizelle! :) Finally, you gave birth to a baby! :) I hope shop yapi continues to grow :) You're off to a good start. I'm eyeing on those booties but I am broke. But I really love your items! :)

Ang fun sa work mo, you can wear anything, sometimes I'm scared to work for a real company kasi ayoko mag-office clothes. Hahaha :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Gessyl Enchanted said...

darn those booties!!! you Mom got some good taste. did you pick it out for her?

btw, passed on the Stylish Blogger Award to you. hehe

Len David said...


Stuck in corporate business attire :( CORPORATE IS SO BORING! Boring naman ako mag-damit kaya okay lang mwehehehe

aiz kim said...

that's something i kind of miss...dressing up to work especially if the company has no policy on uniforms...love that dress G! And finally i was able to do a feature post about shopyapi in "teh blog"...hehehe. I would still love to purchase a few but i have a self-restraining order from the internet....(obviously i managed to sneak a few mins here)or else i won't get anything done for the HOuse of Isla. Til then!

LucieL said...

Cute tunic...and the jewellery...it's perfectly complements the whole look!)

Lupe said...

Wow, I love the jewelery! (:
we could follow each other,
here's my blog fashion-is-forever.blogspot.com

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...


Oh, wait, what?

YOu're sending it to me RIGHT NOW?... Thanks!

Hehe, I kid. But I really DO want your jewlery. It's incredibleee.


in Aie's shoes said...

i love your perfect curls!

GretchTM said...

Super cute outfit! I love your accessories! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! :)

augustalolita said...

this is stunning <3 i love all your accessories!! and amazing shoes!!

janet said...

nice accessories :)

dotie said...

you're so lucky to have such a supportive work environment..I bet if other companies would implement the same freedom towards office dressing it would make working all the more fun :)
your cuff is insane btw!

eclectic du jour

titaz said...

nice boots :)


Renée said...

lovely outfit!

Dilan Dilir said...

love your dress!

Sam said...

love all your accessories and the dress! the whole look is super cute!


Amira said...

Amazing outfit! Love yourblog! Follow you) follow me?

Hazel☺ said...

wow lucky perk of dressing up any way you want! :D and it's odd that here in manila it seems to be a cold summer.

Roxy Heart said...

Great outfit! I love your bracelet!
Want to follow each other?

Zahara said...

omg! super loved your bracelet.

Dane said...

Congrats on your shop! Finally! XXX


Kotryna said...

Heey girl, you look soooo amazing!!

Archer said...

i love your hair! btw, congratulations on your shop!


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