17 April 2010

thank you katie holmes

if katie holmes didn't wear tom cruise's jeans last year, we wouldn't be able to feel so damn comfortable and fashionable in these pants. i have to wear boyfriend jeans at least once a week, to relax from the skinny jeans or leggings that i usually wear to work. just makes sense. plus, i hate shaving my legs on weekday...i'm just lazy like that. LOL. so thank you katie holmes!

as i am writing this, my sister and i are waiting for friends to come over so we can head over to the beach and go island hopping! if you don't know by now, philippines is a group of islands and so strategically arranged that one can never miss it on the map because our geography looks like a sitting horse --- at least that's what i think! we are surrounded by amazing islands and beaches. and in cebu alone, all we need to do is hop on a banca (mini boat) and we can enjoy the marine life -- at just 30 minutes away from the city!

it's funny because other people make sure to step foot on the islands and actually visit them. my friends and i are very much satisfied with watching the island from afar, on the banca and just dive off unto the blue waters! we'd even whine to the driver if he stirs us near to an island --- we just can't stand the crowd.LOL.

red floral top - thrifted
jeans - vintage abercrombie
grey platform heels - forever 21
grey oversized bag - lil' sisters
grey ombre pashmina scarf - hongkok street
long watch necklace - hk gift shop
rings: blue plastic and pink stone - props

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Anonymous said...

pretty blazer, i love it

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

I absolutely adore your look! So feminine, so pretty and best of all, RELAXED. I love nice, relaxed looks that are put together so nicely. You rock the jeans better than Katie Holmes! FOR SURE :D

Psyche said...

Katie Holmes is so chic. :) And you too.

| Tex | Fashion Butter said...

Seriously, love BF jeans!

Anonymous said...

hmm.. sitting horse. i never saw it that way til u mentioned it, Gizelle ;)

i am so diggin' the boyF jeans too. they're pretty comfortable yet so very chic!

Anonymous said...

colorful blazer that suits a colorful and smiling person like you!!!

You are so true in describing the Cebu, even my students in Thailand that Cebu ever existed in the Philippines. I am very blessed that I was born and raised in Cebu...

Love lots,
Take Care

Tabitha said...

lovely top, very colorful..
great mix with those jeans :)
check on my new post
beauty splashes

Martwa Marta said...

you know what? a friend of mine went to phillipines to dive! i am so jealous... you live in paradise!

anyway, you look so cute! i am in love with this outfit - casual, but still so chic!

Mode Junkie said...

actually im wearing boyfriend jeans right now! nothing beats comfort. ;) so i say thanks katie too!
congrats on your vogue feature babe! soo well deserved!


Mila said...

I love that floral top!

Jen said...

You are rocking this look! I love the jeans and now want some for myself. xx

Jenny said...

your top is so hawaiian! love it!

Denise said...

love those rings gorgeous! and you are so tan. I love your glow right now.

happy sunday.

vote wisely. Don't vote for villar.

I am Denise Katipunera

Leah said...

Yes, thank you Katie... I love your floral top, perfect for the boyfriend jeans. Enjoy your island hopping. xoxo

Nubia said...

I def love boyfriend Jeans.. So damn comfy!!

Anonymous said...

I'm heading to Cebu next month for my birthday. yay;) I'm going island hopping - Cebu, Palawan, Bohol and Davao... can't wait!!
ps - your blazer is so pretty:))
x Cathy

eunice said...

you rock those jeans so well...love this laidback look! :)


Mila said...

yes,the sweater I posted is beaded!

knk said...

very funny blog name

but i like your post its cool nice outfit dear loooks nice on you



Omg :)
I so like the outfit, aaand special the floral blazer, is adorable!

Have a great sunday!


As pretty as said...

Such a cute floral blazer!

"As pretty as"

Cupcakes are fashion ! said...

I do love bf jeans also ! It's a very nice outfit you got there :)



heart charlie said...

I love your boyfriend jeans! Thank you Katie indeed ;) I love your cute little heels and the floral print you've paired with! Amazing! Oh and I LOVE your necklace, simply perfect ;)

Catherine said...

Amazing hair!

The Cheeky girl said...

the skirt/blazer is amazing


Niviarsiaq said...

love that floral top! so spring-like and pretty! You're so right about katie holmes - I am very picky about pants but boyfriend jeans are awesome!

ps, your toe-nails are so cute!

Melanie M said...

Gosh, you are just a DOLL! Killer style. ;)


princesspolitico said...

incredible boyfriend jeans! it's really difficult to find a pair that isn't too slouchy or unflattering ot the female shape. you've got a great pair here :)


Sonya said...

I love this look! Boyfriend+heels=super cute.


michelle_ said...

i love the print of your top !
hope you have had a nice weekend !!

Alita Claudia Raisa said...

I love that pants, so cool, totally!

Aimee said...

love the whole outfit, and i especially like the way you styled the boyfriend jeans :)


Nathalie said...

Such a great outfit. The blazer is wonderful

Nicole Jarecz said...

very cute shoes and glasses! love all the colors here!

Elaine said...

You look so comfortably chic! I'm the same - I love my BF jeans!!

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Anonymous said...

i love your top Gizelle! cute prints ;) and yes, a big THANK YOU to Katie for this trend!

projectvee said...

love how bright your top is :) and yes, boyfriend jeans!

julianne. said...

you amaze me.
this outfit is so summery and perfect!
ohhh i just LOVE! <3

Meream said...

I've tried this look before and I looked, well, not as awesome as you do here! Haha

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