21 March 2010

a little drizzle would do

it rained last friday night and i could just imagine how the plants are smiling and singing praises. it is scorching hot here in the philippines with the el niƱo phenomenon and saying goodbye to boots and what little leather we can wear is not the worst we're experiencing.  the phenomenon has caused all the plants and crops in our country to wilt and die. cattle are dying too. fish prices are going up because the fish ponds are drying up and fishes are literally boiling in the water. so when it rained last friday, i couldn't worry about getting mud on my suede shoes but smile of the hope that we can get through this drought. and with this, i'd be happy to take photos inside my bathroom to get good lighting just as long as it is raining outside. 
printed dress - thrifted | brown leggings - ??? | tan ballet flats - parisian - sm dept store
vintage car watch necklace - thrifted at manalili | bangles: wooden - raw materials store, faux gold - props and gifts

on another note, i have been following 'project runway' for years and this season is my favorite because of jay nicolas sario. he is a filipino who migrated to hawaii when he was 17. his design aesthetic is amazing and i am loving how he surprises me with his creations -- especially the black dress he made out of burlap (or potato sack). i have a few designer friends (most are gay like jay) and i can't help but feel that it is one of my friends on the show --- the mannerisms are the same. here is jay nicolas sario and a few of jay's works (photo credit: google images and mylifetime.com):

proud to be 'pinoy'!

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eunice said...

I love the whimsical print on your dress! very cute! :)


dred said...

love the combination of the prints in your dress gizelle.:)

and yeah i was over the moon too when it rained last friday.


kate maggie said...

Your dress is super cute! I love how simple it is yet how unique it is aswell. You're a doll.

projectvee said...

adorable printed dress! looks great on you :)

Marcell-a said...

hello, nice blog.
and nice accessories. :)
i followed you, mind following me back ?

Anonymous said...

feel ko lang super blessing ang uwan Giselle. we all needed that! ;)

lovely dress! and i adore your tan flats!

Anonymous said...

cute shoes :)

Anonymous said...

the print on your top is really nice...lovely post dear...

take care always,

Martwa Marta said...

you look so lovely! dress is so gorgeous that i am craving for the same piece!


Willa said...

Your shoes are ADORABLEEE :)


Jing said...

i adore your dress dear. :)
i super love the print. kalingi-lingi

Victoire said...

that dress is so colorful and cute! and i miss project runway. i haven't watched it in ages. is heidi still one of the judges?


A.Co said...

Wow - so interesting. I'm a world away (Canada) and it's so neat to hear about what's going on on the other 'side' of the world. How awful the drought you're having - thankfully it rained a bit.

Love your flats.

Love the post about DST! That's so interesting as we JUST had our DST (as you know) a week ago and everyone here complains about how it screws them up and makes it hard to get up that hour earlier for a good week or so ;)

A.Co @ www.acoest1984.blogspot.com

Rae said...

I love your outfit it's adorable! As for project runway, I love jay!! I knew he was filipino!! I love all of his designs they are amazing!!

Take a walk on a Rae of Sunshine:

Robyn said...

ohh I adore Project Runway! I was so happy that Jay won the most recent challenge too! I can't believe what he was able to made out of garbage bags~

I agree too, Alice's costumes were wonderful! They looked so flowy..and soft~ haha

(thanks! I think my poses are..interesting? ha)


alyssa said...

Ah I totally knew he was Filipino! I just wasn't totally sure haha. He is my favorite also and I'm not just saying that because I am Filipino too. =)

ANN said...

Your shoes are so cute and I love multi-printed dresses!

betz said...

oh gizelle, i am so in love with your outfit! love the dress. question, do you curl your hair or is that natural? it's really gorgeous.

i missed a lot of PR episodes but yeah, Jay got what it takes.


ARANXA. said...

oh yess, I LOVE HIM!
and your outfit..lovely!

SAUCY | f. | BABY said...

You're so pretty Gizelle! Love the flats.

& YES, he's the reason I've been watching Project Runway this season! Last one was such a bore. I haven't watched this whole season, but the few episodes I watched, Jay won & did pretty well. Love him. Make me so proud to be Pinoy as well!

xo Nicole

Nubia said...

Love the patterns of your dress so pretty

Mom Daughter Style said...

I love that funky dress.

Vintage Obsession said...

Such an Indian touch :) now i know whta you meant about wearing bangles and stuff :)) looks good on you :)
think i have seen them in a lot of posts :))
nicely done :)

SabinePsynopsis said...

Dear yes, his designs look extremely promising (and potato sack is so in... well, maybe not potato sack, but rough edges and cutting). Also love your dress!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I lovee the print of your dress! Too cute!

Maju said...

I love the pattern of the dress. Adorable! =) Your flats are lovely too.

Marina G.

Taylor Sterling said...

cute dress, great print!!

Denise said...

i just love the way you dress!and gosh i love parisian shoes!hehe suki ako ng sm hehe

eyeswideopen said...

I love your hat!! and your brown glatiator shoes, very cute!!


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