01 April 2013

sunset city ~ boracay day one

two of the things i look forward to when visiting Boracay: the awesome i-never-get-sick-of sunset and the beach bohemian culture. Harry initially wanted to go to Palawan for our honeymoon but i asked him to compromise and booked a resort on the farther side of the island, away from the crowd yet still near the amazing beaches of Boracay. 

day one was spent just lounging around, reading a book while waiting for Harry to sleep off his night shift (which he came from before we flew here) and listening to good indie music while experience the amazing sunset. the rest of the night was spent walking on fine white sand -- holding hands of course, looking for good food at the beach stations and discovering Ti Braz which became our day-ender until we left the island. one thing we also realized and became a habit during the stay is that beer is only P20.00 more expensive than water. so naturally, since we were on vacation, we bypassed water and drank beer all day. 

white one-shouldered maillot - nudo swimwear | floral pencil skirt - props | embroidered and beaded sandals - people are people | rainbow knit bag - gifted by sister | elephant tusk necklace (which i lost during the trip) - bangkok find | bangles and bracelets - bangkok and downtown finds

forgive the haggard, make-upless face. this was during the later part of the night. anyway, i realized while preparing this post that i haven't posted any details about our wedding. You can find our bohemian wedding here. hope you guys love it! 

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titaz said...

Hellooo Gizelle :)

Loves to see ur blog
even not with make up, but ur outfit is stand out
loves the color from bag, skirt and sandals :D

Have a great new life as a husband and wifey :)

Hello from Indonesia :)

Marlen said...

oh my goodness that sunset shot was BEAUTIFUL. i can only imagine how your time was there, it must have been so relaxing and lovely. ans i love your skirt! it's such a happy color

xo Marlen
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Sabrina said...

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! And I love the fun print on your skirt.


Wendy Ayche said...

lovely outfit :)
Much love,

Jason Aureliana said...

i found it nice and amazing :)


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