17 May 2011

my little clone and i at the beach

...and no she is not my daughter. LOL. she's my niece, my little curly-haired fashion doll -- Audrey. i taught her the cross pose but no, i didn't teach her the 'don't-look-at-the-camera' pose. isn't she just a cutie? welp, she's a  cutie as much as she's a bratty. *peace*

so my family, a handful of relatives and i visited our favorite beach house last weekend as a post-celebration of my dad's birthday and as a mom's day celebration too. i will never stop saying this -- i will never grow tired of going back to this place. our annual trip to this beach house is one that i look forward to every year. not only is it a chance to bum at the beach at our own privacy but it's always filled with craziness and laughter. this year, our relatives from Dipolog came to visit and the trip was filled with oldies boogieing to oldies music. such a treat!

neon printed monokini - shopyapi.com
chambray top - shopyapi.com
beige wide-rimmed floppy hat - shopyapi.com
yellow flip-flops - roxy
yellow scarf used as turban - thrifted

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Claire said...

hi gizelle i love your lipstick! may i know what brand and color it is? :)

Pineapple Monsters said...

Your mini-me is soooo adorable!!! And I love your swimsuit!



Anonymous said...

awwe! she's so adorable, Gizelle!
oh and mine na your monokini!

Perfumed Red Shoes


wow! youre niece is such a cutie!!! :) btw i love your monokini! <3

Vim said...

I like your swimsuit! Where did you buy it?

mestizay said...

How cuute is your niece!i love the pose! Bdw,i WANT your hair!

Sweet said...

you really rock the turban babe...I love your one piece as well...:)

she really is a cutie pie...and I wish I can actually have fun under the sun :( so busy lately!!!


Gessyl Enchanted said...

you look so hawt in that monokini Gizelle! your niece is also very pretty too. btw, that older woman in your pictures, is that your Mom?

cherie said...

awww she looks so adorable! and your mom looks iincredible too! love the heart print of your swimsuit gizelle :)

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

i like the pattern of your swimsuit..

Hazel☺ said...

i love your swimsuit!! and such a cute girl your niece!!! your mom is so ganda!!! grabe ang ganda ng lahi nyo LOL :)

Velire said...

Adorable lil girl! :D Ive been seeing a lot of the turbans lately, makes me wanna give it a try now. hahaha. I love how bright your swimsuit is and goodness, ang haba na ng hair mo. Gunndaaaaah! :D

Anonymous said...

she's adorable; and you look gorgeous x

btw, I love how you call comments 'scoops':)

following! beth<3

Galia said...

nice pics!!! :O)


inge luciana said...

really like ur turban.. I never knew how to look great in turban.
nice swimsuit =)

fashioneggpplant said...

she's so cute! i love her dress! where is it from? love your swimsuit too! wish i could wear swimsuits like that :)

sPam said...

She is such a cutie patootie! I love her dress! HAHAH I wish they have it in my size. I'm small enough to shop in the children's section, I'm sure I can find one. What's the brand? HAHAHA

Happy you're enjoying summer! :D

sPam of frou-frou

Audrey Allure said...

Aw, she's adorable! I love your floppy hat :)

Fashion Fabrice said...

oooo your lil sis is soooo adorable:) she is reaklly cute:) and you look nice! i love the badingsuit! an your lips are GORGEOUS ;O

Farah from Fashionfabrice

Sjaar said...

Supercute you both look amazing! I like the lipstick.

Kariza said...

Oooh! Sexy babe! :) Love your lipstick :)


Thu said...

That's very chic and sexy!

Stevia said...

Your niece is too cute!
And I love your love prints swimsuit :)

Happy belated bday to your dad!


Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

WAHHHH. My mouth actually dropped. THIS IS THE CUTEST POST. EVER.

That hat is eating that little 'uns face. I LOVE IT.

And you look amazing - love the beach attire. That baithing suit? AH SO COOL.


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